Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Favorite Memories

We all have memories but the best ones are those that we cherish for a long time.  Please listen to us as we share our favorite memory using Voicethread.

A note from Mrs. Lee:
It was such a exciting summer session for all the keiki, including myself.  They enjoyed learning about themselves through various characters after listening to stories by Ezra Jack Keats  and the world's funniest Kindergartener, Junie B. Jones, who is now in first grade. Math was especially loads of fun when they practiced skills using fractions with goldfish, probability with M & M'S, and other daily collaborative activities. The children continued to develop  skills in Literacy, Math, social interaction, and critical thinking in preparation for first grade.
Wishing everyone much success in first grade and in the years to come.
A hui hou,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, July 6, 2012

How Tall is Jack?

Jack and the Beanstalk  is a fairy tale that was quite funny.  The story was about  a boy named Jack, who climbed a giant beanstalk into the magical clouds. He met a hen who could lay golden eggs, a  harp that sang by itself, and the funny ogre with his wife. Like all fairy tales, there was a happy ending. Jack married a princess, became even wealthier, and together they lived happily ever after.
Working in teams, we collaborated and produced our own life-size Jack.  We measured and labelled different parts of Jack. Our creations are hanging in our classroom.  Drop by to check it out!

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A note from Mrs. Lee:

The students are currently engaged in a unit on Junie B., First Grader (at Last). Many giggles have been heard as Junie B. was the world funniest kindergartener, but is now in first grade.  A chapter is read,  followed by a group discussion.  The students individually  compose sentences about key events  and add  an illustration in their 'booklet' daily. The culminating activity will be to retell the story to a peer, using their 'booklet'.
Everyone is given the opportunity to respond to the text before, during, and after the reading.  Eventually the students will develop the capability to focus on the text and increase their comprehension.