Friday, August 31, 2012

All Alike, All Different

It is fun to see how we are all alike and different at the same time.

A note to the Parents:

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns....that has been the concept in Math this week.  Besides creating patterns using their bodies or manipulatives, the keiki copied, extended, and transferred patterns. They watched a short video called The Princess and the Pea.

The story begins when a young woman, drenched with rain, seeks shelter in a prince's castle for the night. She claims to be a princess, so the prince's mother decides to test her by placing a pea under many mattresses. After a sleepless night, she tells her host something hard was in her bed. Only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel to a pea.

K-1 students were thrilled since they had the opportunity to paint their own patterns on the mattresses for the princess.  Check out our The Princess and the Pea bulletin board display! While you're out and about with your child, maybe they could identify a pattern for you. Patterns are everywhere!

Mahalo to Dr. Yagi (Sophie's mom) and Mrs. Nakama, (Tori's mom) who volunteered to be our Room Parents. I am sure we can be excited about some fantastic events the Room Parents are planning for the school.

Thanks to everyone's contribution to the HMS PTO Fundraiser. Your donation will help provide additional resources for our children.

  • Tuesday, September 4 - Library books due.
  • Wednesday, September 5 -  Five Chinese Brothers,  an HTY production at Tenney Theatre.
  • Thursday, September 6 - Discovery Center field trip consent form and payment due
  • Friday, September 7 - Flu forms due
  • Friday, September 7 - RSVP for Grandparents' Day celebration due

Friday, August 24, 2012

Blooming Flowers

Leo, the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus, is a tale of a tiger cub who felt he couldn't do anything right.  He couldn't read, write, or draw. Daddy tiger watched him daily, hoping for him to blossom, while Mother tiger waited, knowing he would make it when he was ready. Finally, the time came when Leo could read, write, draw and speak in sentences. The lesson learned was that we must be patient as each of us blooms when it is our time.

We wrote and illustrated 5 things on the petals of our flower that we are proud to be able to do.  All of us have bloomed in different areas, and that's what makes us unique!

Blooming Flowers - making a free slideshow

A note from Mrs. Lee:

Our Kindergarten plans to design a t-shirt unique to our class so the our keiki will feel special and like a team.  The three Kindergarten teachers need your kokua as we are looking for a screen printing business who could help screen print the t-shirts. Please let us know if you do!

Mahalo for the Environmental Print that has been submitted.  Kindly continue to share any additional EP so our 'wall' will be filled with logos, brand labels, fast food signs, cereal boxes, etc. Mahalo!

Please remember:
  • Monday, August 27 -Due date regarding your preference of receiving the Hongwanji Mission School monthly newsletter via our HMS website or a hardcopy. Please send a note or email me.
  • Thursday, August 30 - RSVP for Ice Cream Social due.

Friday, August 17, 2012

K-1 On the Go

In Kindergarten we enjoy doing things in small or big groups. We are forever on the go and into everything.  We are active students involved in the going-ons.  That is our learning style!

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A note from Mrs. Lee:

In Social Studies we're learning about special things families and friends do and how they spend  time together.  Therefore, please have your child bring in 1-2 photos of fun times or events they have shared with their family or friends.  They will also be asked to describe why that time was important.  Kindly have them bring in their photos by Wednesday, August 22nd.

Environment Print (EP) is the print of everyday life and is everywhere.  It is a natural starting point to teach young students to read, write, and do math.  They have a concrete connection to everyday print. They read it within the context of their interests and backgrounds.  We would be most appreciative of any labels from packages, boxes, fliers, paper bags, snack bags, etc. that you could send in for our EP Wall.
  • Show and Tell is on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • P.E. days are on Friday.
  • Monday, August 20 - Student Council Snack Bar starts from 2:35-3:00 at the Middle School picnic bench.
  • Monday, August 20 - Library books due
  • Wednesday, August 22 - Family/friends photos due
  • Thursday, August 23 - Permission form and payment due for 'Five Chinese Brothers'  Honolulu Theatre for Youth play. (Forms to be distributed on Monday, August 20)
  • Friday, September 7 - Flu forms due

Friday, August 10, 2012

K-1, K-1, What Do You See?

We are now in Kindergarten! Each of us is taller, smarter, and older, than last year. During this first week as a Kindergartner, we were busy listening to stories, writing words, and learning where our right and left was.
Our favorite activity was listening to the story 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?' Afterwards we painted an animal that was looking at me.

K-1, K-1, What Do You See? on PhotoPeach

A Note from Mrs. Lee:

Aloha Parents,

Mahalo for your support in attending the Kindergarten Orientation on Monday, August 6th.  It is with your cooperation and support that we work together to help your child unlock their potential.

Dr. Yagi, Sophie's Mom, has graciously volunteered to act as K-1 Room Parent for this year.  Our hats off to her for taking on this duty.

A few dates to remember:
  • Tuesday, August 14 - Scholastic Book Orders due
  • Wednesday, August 16 - Kindergarten Japanese information from Tamayo Sensei due
  • Friday, August 17 - School closed, Statehood Day (formally known as Admission Day)

Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.
-- George Evans

Have a fantastic weekend,
Mrs. Lee