Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Help Us Save Our World

What happens if we don't throw our trash away properly? We certainly do not want to be a Trashy Town! Listen as we share our thoughts about this.

Hi Parents,

The keiki have been practicing their skit, Mongoose, Mongoose, Stop! Don't Run for their 'Stories at Sunrise performance.  A copy of their script was send home a few weeks ago.  Please have your child practice their parts at home.  All three Kindergarten classes will perform in the Dojo on Thursday, May 28th beginning at 10:30 a.m. for parents and friends.

For the month of May, students should continue to read a minimum of 10 books on myON.  In IXL, Categories M. [Time] and R. [Money] are assigned. Book Shares are an option.

Red Letter Dates:
  • Friday, May 1st - HMS Field Day at Ala Moana Beach Park, 8:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. The Pimentals will be setting up a tent for the K-1 ohana near the concession area/restrooms across the street from Magic Island. Be on the look out for the K-1 sign! It will mark our 'SPOT'! 
    • Students need to be in school by 7:45 a.m.
    • Attire - Special 'K' teal colored t-shirt, shorts, and sport shoes
    • Home lunch, drink, and water bottle
  • Tuesday, May 12th - Gotane Service at 9:00 a.m. Please dress your child appropriately for this Temple Service
  • Friday, May 15th - Polynesian Cultural Center Learning Trip, 8:15 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
    • Students need to be in school by 7:50 a.m.
    • Attire - HMS t-shirt, shorts, and sport shoes
  • Friday, May 22nd - MyON and IXL (Categories M. [Time] and R. [Money]) due
Hope to see you on Friday,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Saving Water Begins with Me

When we save water, we save life and save the world! That is important so we want to make sure that every drop counts.

Aloha families,

Are you ready for some fun in the sun? Our All-School Field Day, slated for next Friday, May 1st, is around the corner. Our designated area for a tent and/or tarp is the picnic area near the restrooms across the street from Magic Island. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer to save a tree/area for our K-1 ohana! You might plan on bringing your keiki home lunch and drink, plus their water bottle with you. If you won't be attending, your child must bring his/her own lunch and drink, plus a water bottle to school which they will take to the park.

Please bring your own things to sit on. I'll be bringing a large tarp too.

The schedule for the day:
  • 7:45: Please have your child in school by this time
  • 8:15: Buses depart HMS, school side
  • 9:00: Welcome Message from Mr. Randall, time to get settled
  • 9:30-11:25: Bouncers, Bubbles/Play Time, Backyard Game, and Shave Ice/Free Time
  • 11:30: Lunch and Clean Up
  • 12:15: Leave Ala Moana Beach Park
It should be an awesome and relaxing day. Hope that many of you can join us!

Important dates to remember:
  • Friday, April 24th - 'Magical Moments from Disney' Spring Program, Social Hall, 8:30am. 
    • Students will perform on the right side of the stage (when you are facing the stage).
    • Attire: 
      • Girls - Party dress, hair half up, half down, with a ponytail on the right side of their head
      • Boys - Solid black shirt (inside out is fine) and dark colored bottom,  hair slicked with gel
      • Optional - They may change to more comfortable school clothes after the performance 
  • Wednesday, April 29th - April Book Share, MyOn, and IXL (Categories I.[Addition] and J.[Subtraction]) due
  • Thursday, April 30th - Kroc Center Hawaii Parental Consent form due (Form to be distributed on Friday, April 24th)
  • Friday, May 1st - HMS Field Day, Ala Moana Beach Park, 8:15am-12:15pm
    • Attire - Special 'K' teal colored t-shirt, covered shoes

A hui hou,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Eat Your Colors!

We learned that fruits and vegetables come in lots of different colors.  We could make a rainbow with all of the beautifully colored fruits and vegetables we discussed. It is good to eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables because they make us healthy.  


Celebrated annually on April 22nd, Earth Day is the largest environmental event in the world. Millions of people, including students, participate in Earth Day activities. K-1 keiki will also be learning and celebrating environmental respect, action, and behavior changes that lessens their impact on the Earth. To show support of Earth Day, please wear your HMS Earth Day t-shirt to school, if you purchased one, on Wednesday, April 22nd.

Important dates to remember:
  • Tuesday, April 21st - Library books due
  • Friday, April 24th - 'Magical Moments from Disney', HMS Spring Program to be held at the Social Hall  beginning at 8:30 
    • Attire: Girls - party dresses. Boys - solid black shirt and dark bottoms
  • Wednesday, April 29th - April Book Share, MyOn, and IXL (Categories I. [Addition] and J. [Subtraction])due
  • Friday, May 1st - HMS Field Day Consent Forms and payment due Wednesday, April 22nd.
    • Attire - Special 'K' teal colored t-shirt with shorts and covered shoes
A hui hou,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Signs of Spring

Spring is here! A few signs of spring are the weather is warmer, flowers bloom, and the sun rises earlier in the morning.We enjoyed watercoloring our beautiful spring pictures.

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Aloha Parents,

On Friday, April 10th, K-1 and our 3-8 buddies will be walking to Kuakini Health Center for the Annual Open House. Please dress your child in the HMS t-shirt with shorts/skirts/pants, socks, and sport shoes.  Classroom doors will open at 7:55. Students will leave the campus by 8:10. You child may need a substantial breakfast as there will not be any mid morning snack.  

Our annual Spring Program will be held Friday, April 24th in the Social Hall.  The first program, which will include students from Preschool through the 1st grade will begin at 8:30. The Kindergarteners will perform a Mary Poppins Medley. As for their attire, this is what the three Kinder teachers decided on:
  • Girls - party dresses
  • Boys - solid black shirt (inside out is okay) and dark bottoms

You are all invited to our HMS Field Day, set for Friday, May 1st from 8:30-12:30 at Ala Moana Beach Park. In the past, many families attended. There is always a scramble to save the shadiest tree for their child's class before the school buses arrive with the students. So, if you expect to be at Ala Moana Beach Park early, kindly save the area under a shady tree, and wave other K-1 parents over. The picnic area on the Ewa side of the concession (across from Magic Island) has been reserved. Additional information will be coming your way. Mahalo!

Stories at Sunrise are short plays performed by each class and directed by Mrs. Carolyn Lee (Drama Teacher) at the end of the school year. The three Kindergarten classes hope to perform their plays (about 10 minutes each) in the Dojo on Thursday, May 28th at 10:30. The keiki have begun practicing Mongoose, Mongoose, Stop! Don't Run in Drama class, but need additional assistance. A copy of their play will be sent home in their folder so you can  help them at home.

Dates to Remember:
  • Friday, April 10th - Kuakini Health Center Open House.  
  • Friday, April 10th - Due date for the $5.00 donations used toward the Kindergarten gift basket for our HMS 65th Anniversary Gala's Silent Auction
  • Tuesday, April 21st - Library Books due
  • Wednesday, April 29th - April Book Share, MyOn, and IXL (Categories I. [Addition] and J. [Subtraction]) assignments due
Have a nice weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hoppi Easter

It's Spring! We listened to The Easter Egg by Jan Brett. This was a great book about Hoppi, a bunny hero who saved a blue robin's egg that tumbled out of its nest.  After making construction paper rabbits, we wrote an opinion about what we thought about Hoppi.
We also shared what we felt was the best part of Easter in a Word Cloud!

The Hoppi Easter on PhotoPeach

Aloha Parents,

K-1, along with their Buddies in 3-8, will be fortunate to experience walking to Kuakini Health System to attend their annual Open House on Friday, April 10th. There will numerous opportunities to learn about health care --- i.e. ways to stay healthy, stepping through an ambulance, how to wash their hands, etc.
Please dress your child in their HMS t-shirt, shorts, and socks with sport shoes. Kindly bring your child a little earlier to school as we need to leave our classroom promptly at 8:10 am. You might also consider preparing a substantial breakfast for them as there won't be any morning snacktime. Mahalo!

The IXL Math assignment for April is:
  1. I. Addition
  2. J. Subtraction
The students have commented how this online learning experience is interactive and fun! Each math concept has an abundance of problems for every learning style and your child can't help but build lasting skills and confidence.

Mahalo for those who donated Easter 'goodies'.  They will be distributed on Thursday, along with their recent work in the blue Walmart recyclable bags. Please have your child return the Walmart bags by Tuesday, April 2nd.  

Dates to remember:
  • Thursday, April 2nd - Ronald McDonald show 'On the Inside' in the Social Hall
  • Friday, April 3rd - State Holiday, no school
  • Tuesday, April 7th - Buddha Day Service.  Please dress your child appropriately for this Temple Service.
  • Wednesday, April 8th - Buddha Day, no school
  • Thursday, April 9th - Polynesian Cultural Center Learning Trip Consent Form and payment due (Form will be distributed on Monday, April 6th)
  • Thursday, April 9th - Lifetouch portraits/payment due
  • Friday, April 10th - Kuakini Open House Learning Trip with our Buddies in 3-8 
  • Wednesday, April 29th - April Book Share, MyOn, and IXL Math (Categories I.[Addition] and J. [Subtraction]) due

Have a fun weekend with the Easter Bunny,
Mrs. Lee