Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flower Thanks

Aloha Parents,
Our recent ‘Leapin’ Lily Pad Ping Pong Toss' game at the HMS Fair was a smashing success. It could not have been done without your kind support and participation.
Not only was it wonderful to have the extra pairs of hands (eyes, and ears!) to look after the students but your ability to keep them all interested and excited about the game kept them coming back to play again and again. It was great to see the children having so much fun.
A special thanks to the parents who organized everything from the design, construction, set up and dismantle of the game to purchasing the prizes, scheduling of the workers, etc, and that was our top notch Room Parent, Mrs. Nagamine, along with her #1 helper Dr. Nagamine.  This wonderful project would not have been possible without them.
Mahalo Nui Loa to everyone!!!!!!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Mixed Plate

What a busy week before Spring Break!  We connected with our Massachusetts  pals  through Skype.  Their explanation of what cellars are was of particular interest since we don't have any here.  The students sang a popular  song, "When Irish Eyes are Smiling".  Many families will watch the St. Patrick's Day parade in their community.

The keiki were kept really busy constructing leprechaun traps and laying them out for those little Irish elves.  However, the wee guys escaped and managed to create havoc with the children's toolboxes placed in other students' desks.

The highlight of the week was performing for the elderly at Kuakini Hale Pulama Mau. Muraki Sensei said that our students were well received and the perfect ambassadors. They will be remembered for many months to come.

Mimi had many photos and interesting comments for her post  on the Teddy Bear blog. You can view the other  K-1 students' posts on the blog too.

Parents and friends are ALWAYS encouraged to add comments to our posts. It helps us to do better and be happy.

Have a relaxing Spring Break!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leprechaun Traps

The children enjoyed listening to St. Patrick's Day stories about mischevious leprechauns and their love for gold.  In the spirit of the holiday, they decided to build  leprechaun traps. If these Irish elves decide to visit K-1  on March 17th, and perform any pranks, their traps will capture one of these tricky fellows.  Hopefully he will lead the children to his pot of gold and give it to them as a bribe to let him go.
Enjoy their explanations and contraptions created today using toilet paper rolls, tissue and construction paper, yarn, glue, and scotch tape.

On Friday, March 18th, the Kindergarten classes will be walking to Kuakini Hale Pulama Mau. It would be nice if your child remembers to wear the HMS t-shirt and sport shoes.  We'll start the walking field trip at 9:30 am and return by 11:15am.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

High Flying Fun

Our Spring Higan Service will be held on Monday, March 14th. It is a memorial service  held for our ancestors  during the week of 'Higan' in March and September. The purpose of the Higan  which means 'other shore'  is a goal of all Buddhists. We practice the Buddha's teaching in order to cross the river from this shore of illusions to the other shore of enlightenment by practicing the six paramitas. Please dress your child appropriately for the Temple Service.

Our walking field trip to Kuakini Hale Pulama Mau, visiting older adults, will be on Friday, March 18th.  They will need to wear their HMS t-shirts and sport shoes.

The keiki are continuing the addition concept. They've enjoyed adding with dominoes, coins, and working on  the IWB to reinforce this concept. You can also enrich their skills  everyday by:
  • playing games that involve numbers
  • adding items in different groups 
  • making math connections  when you are at home, in the sun or on the run
Understand the concepts of addition and capable of communicating how to add in order to use math in school and on the job are essential skills.

Cody has shared his day with Keikiokekai on the Teddy Bear blog.  Click here to view his post.

The massive earthquake and ferocious tsunamai that hit Japan on Thursday was a tragedy that we are all sad to hear about. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the people of Japan  who we share a bond and friendship with.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

March into March

Monday was one of the best P.E. days for the students as they began swimming lessons with Ms. Whitney and Mr. Kimura at the helm. The newbies and experienced swimmers enjoyed the class by splashing water on themselves, giggling and swimming.  The children were familiar with the routine of showering before entering the pool and changing themselves afterwards which helped make the P.E. class run smoothly.

K-1 celebrated reading with Dr. Seuss in the classroom on Wednesday, March 2nd.  Besides listening to some of his stories, they enjoyed 'green eggs' and partnered with their 4th grade buddy in a writing/illustration lesson.

They have been sharpening their concept of addition with numerous hands-on and engaging activities.  Ask them to explain their work that is on display.

Ms. Marj, a former HMS Counselor, was invited as a guest reader on Friday.  The children were all ears when she read Too Many Mangos, By Tammy Paikai. The story, with a local flavor, is about Tutu Kane  who asked his grandchildren Kama and Nani to pick some mangoes from his tree. When Tutu Kane realized that they had picked  too many mangoes, he sends Kama and Nani to share some with the neighbors. While doing this, they were given goodies in return for their generosity.  Ms. Marj  also brought samples of our delicious fruit for everyone to taste and a fresh mango. Some students hadn't seen a mango from the tree.  During this read-aloud,  they shared the excitement and sheer fun of a new book with its  local characters. Children  also learned that sharing can bring much joy to others as well as to themselves.
Mahalo to everyone with your donations and/or offering to assist with the K-1 game at the HMS Fair on Saturday, March 19th. Please advise either Mrs. Nagamine or myself if you need to make any changes for your shift.

P.E. (swim days) is scheduled for Mondays. There is no P.E. on Thursdays.  Please remember their plastic bag, as well as their towel, swim clothes, slippers, goggles,  etc.  should be labeled with their name and grade. The lost and found box  is overflowing with numerous unlabeled items.