Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Decorating huge pumpkins with our 7th grade buddies were so much fun.  Besides working together in their big classroom, we got to know our tall pals. They are the best because every one of them helps us and are so kind. We're anxious to view our two silly pumpkins and the other pumpkins from the different grades in the 'Gallery of Pumpkins' in our Aloha Garden.

What is Halloween? Here are our thoughts.......

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A note from Mrs. Lee:

There are a number of educational apps available for a small fee or free that you may have downloaded on your iPad.  When you select apps, consider those that teach or practice curriculum and skill, are interactive, provide immediate feedback, and possibly with multiple users.
Here are a few top picks from my collection:
  1. Bob Books Reading  Magic Lite - Reading with this phonics-based intereactive game
  2. Toontastic - Create Cartoons
  3. Futaba - game for 2-4 players
myON Reader is also available for your iPad.  You can download up to 20 books for your child to read without  quizzes. Isn't that convenient for you and educational for the children?

Please remember:
  • Tuesday, October 30th - Book Share due.  Each keiki needs to bring a book s/he enjoyed recently to share with the class.  S/he will read the title and author of the book.  S/he will show an illustration and explain why it was their favorite part of the book. Please email me whether your child plans to share on Monday, October 29th or Tuesday, October 30th.
  • Wednesday, October 31st - Halloween Parade, 8:30am. (Please have your child come to school dressed for the occasion.) The HMS ghosts, princesses, and other creatures will emerge from their classrooms at 8:30am. Each grade level, beginning with the PreK 3 year olds, will parade around the blacktop two times. At the end of the parade, the children will return to their rooms and change to school attire.  If you plan to attend this event, you might consider arriving early to place your chair in the coolest spot. You are also extremely welcome to assist your child in changing back to his/her school clothing after the parade and taking their Halloween costume home. 
  • Friday, November 2nd - Scholastic Book Orders due.
Happy Trick-or-Treating,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

Our 7th grade buddies, with their teacher, Mrs. Weisberger and our Japanese teacher Tamayo Sensei were delighted to share some time with us to decorate miniature pumpkins. Besides using Sharpie Markers, wiggly eyes, pom poms, and felt pieces to add some spice to our little pumpkins, our imagination emerged. Our creations are funny!!!!!

A note from Mrs. Lee:
Reminders for the upcoming week:
  • Monday, October 22nd - Flu Shots/Mist in the Library. Library class cancelled
  • Tuesday, October 23rd, Wednesday, October 24th - Teacher Inservice, No School
  • Thursday, October 25th - Fall Picture Retakes.  Pleasehave your child bring his/her picture packet to exchange for new photos.
  • Thursday, October 25th - Fire Fighter Safety Booklets due
  • Tuesday, October 30th - Book Share due
  • Wednesday, October 31st - Halloween Parade, 8:30 am. on the blacktop.  Please let me know if your child wishes to share goodie bags with his/her classmates on this holiday. All goodie bags will be distributed at the end of the school day to take home and enjoy.  

Friday, October 12, 2012

We Know Apples!

Our first Presentation of Learning was so much fun!!! We really enjoyed all the moms, dads, grandpas, and grandmas who came to our class and shared time with us.  Didn't we teach you alot about apples?

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A note from Mrs. Lee:
Mahalo nui loa for attending K-1's Presentation on Apples. Your attendance meant the world to the keiki so they could share their knowledge and awesome work about apples.

The Aquarium Childrens Free Admission tickets sent home recently were courtesy of Eighla and her mom. We appreciate their generosity.

Kindly send an email or note if your child wishes to share holiday goodie bags (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, etc.) with their K-1 classmates. There is much excitement and smiles when treats are received from their pals.
Please remember:
  • Monday, October 15 - Library books due
  • Thursday, October 25 - Fire Safety Booklets due
  • Thursday, October 25 - Fall Picture retakes
  • Tuesday, October 30 - Book Share deadline.  As mentioned earlier each child will share a favorite book they have enjoyed with their peers.  The title, author, and a favorite part of the book should be explained.
  • Wednesday, October 31 - Halloween Parade, 8:30a.m.  Each class parades around the blacktop 2 times. If possible, please assist your child to change into school clothes after the parade. You may take their costume home with you.
Have a nice weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hawaii Children's Discovery Center

Last Friday, the Kindergarten classes had the opportunity to visit the Children's Discovery Center and  explore three exhibit galleries. In 'Your Town' they could be anything they wanted to be as a grown-up such as a fireman, banker, mechanic, postal worker, and even a star in a theater production.

In 'Fantastic You', the keiki took an inside look at the wonders of the human body.

'Rainforest Adventures' taught the students the importance of rainforests around the world and even in Hawaii. They learned about our natural resources and taking care of the environment.

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A note from Mrs. Lee:
Several students have mentioned how they enjoyed listening to stories on myON Reader.   I am glad they love this library of online books.   Continue to encourage them to read often and ask questions about any stories you read together.
Book sharing will begin this month.  Each child will select a book you have read to them and bring it to class.  To cultivate sharing in the classroom, they will:
  1. Show the book to the class, stating the title and author
  2. Explain their favorite part of the story
Please practice this at home so they are comfortable with this oral presentation.  Kindly email or send a note when your child is ready for his/her book share.
Please remember:
  • Monday, October 8th - Library Books due
  • Friday, October 12th - Presentation of Learning in K-1 classroom at 8:30 -9:30 a.m.
A hui hou,
Mrs. Lee