Thursday, December 18, 2014

What is Christmas?

What does Christmas mean to us? This is what we had to say......

Aloha K-1 Families,

May songs of joy fill your home with warmth and your heart with happiness this holiday season.

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau`oli Makahiki Hou,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Joy

Just wanted to share some of our exciting holiday activities of the week.......

Aloha Parents,

The special 'K' t-shirts were distributed today.  Before wearing it, place a thin cloth over the design and iron for about 30-40 seconds to set the design.  Turn the t-shirt inside out and repeat the ironing. Make sure your iron is set on the wool/cotton setting, and that you don't use the steam setting (no water).

Our Winter Program will be full of holiday spirit with singing and dancing.  Parking is limited at the Social Hall, so you might consider arriving early. All Kindergarten students should wear the teal colored t-shirts with dark shorts/pants/skirts to school.

The next red letter date is Thursday, January 22nd! That is the 100th day of school and an important milestone as it marks how much progress the keiki have made in the school year. They will be 100 days smarter and more responsible!

We'll be celebrating the special occasion by having everyone from the Kindergarten level wear a t-shirt decorated with 100 of their favorite items that are sewn, tied, or hot glued on.  You can be as creative as you like, but consider lightweight, small, and non-perishable items. Examples of objects could include sequins, buttons, pom-poms, etc. You could group them in 2's, 5's, or 10's which will help boost their counting skills, randomly, or in any way your child would like.

Our fabulous 100th Day Parade, with all the students wearing their awesome t-shirt creations, will walk through many classrooms on January 22nd for everyone to see!

Dates to remember:
  • Tuesday, December 16th - Library books due
  • Tuesday, December 16th - December Book Share, myON, and IXL (Category G) assignments due
  • Wednesday, December 17th - Holiday Invitation RSVP due
  • Wednesday, December 17th - Goodie Bags (optional) due
  • Thursday, December 18th - Goodie bags and classwork taken home
  • Friday, December 19th - Winter Program beginning at 8:30 in the Social Hall. After the Kindergarteners' performance, everyone will return to class for photos. The Holiday Picture Frame craftivity, followed by our luncheon, will begin at 10:00. 
As the Holiday Season approaches, may your home be filled with peace, love, and the laughter of your keiki.

A hui hou,
Mrs. Lee

Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Invitation

Sending a special invitation to the K-1 families...........

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The Kindergarten keiki will be given a special K t-shirt on Friday, December 12th.  The K t-shirt should be worn, along with  dark shorts/skirts/pants and school shoes for the Winter Program. Bright sparkly yellow headbands have been made for this event too.

The Winter Program for the younger grades begins at 8:30 in the Social Hall. The Program for Grades 1-8 begins at 9:30.  Consider arriving early as parking is very limited . 

If you plan to attend the Holiday Luncheon, you are welcome to drop off any items to the classroom between 6:30 - 8:15 AM.

If you wish to share Holiday Goodie Bags, please bring them in by Wednesday, December 17th. Goodie Bags as well as classwork (craftivities) will  be distributed on Thursday, December 18th.

Stay tuned,
Mrs. Lee

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How Santa got His Job

Have you ever wondered what kinds of jobs Santa had before he became Santa Claus? He tried all sorts of jobs....from a chimney sweep to a cook to a circus performer.  But, he wanted to do something more.  He was able to find his dream job after meeting some elves!
We enjoyed tearing paper to create our own Santa Claus.  It was fun to listen to the story, fun to tear paper, and fun to share our writing! Just watch our slideshow..........

How Santa Got His Job on PhotoPeach

Aloha Parents,

Mahalo for the empty Campbell Soup cans needed for a Christmas project.  Your donations were greatly appreciated!

The keiki will be working on another craftivity next week. They will need  a 7"x10" piece of holiday wrapping paper for part of it.  Please have them bring it to school by Thursday, December 11th. Arigato!

  • Tuesday, December 9th - Library Books due
  • Wednesday, December 10th - Buddy Ornament due
  • Thursday, December 11th - Honolulu Hale Visit from 9:30-12:30.  Attire - HMS t-shirt and sport shoes. A hearty breakfast is suggested as they won't be having a morning snack at school.
  • Thursday, December 11th - Holiday gift wrap (7"x10") due
  • Friday, December 12th - Kuakini Hale Pulama Mau Walking Trip from 9:00-11:00.  Attire - HMS t-shirt and sport shoes.
  • Tuesday, December 16th - Book Shares, myON, and IXL (Category G) assignments due
  • Friday, December 19th - Winter Program starting at 8:30 in the Social Hall.  Mrs. Hirata has information about the Holiday Luncheon.  School dismissal at 11:30.
Stay tuned,
Mrs. Lee

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We are thankful for....

There are so many things to be thankful for. But we are most thankful for...

Aloha Parents,

December is a busy month in school as we begin the countdown to the holidays. However, please encourage your keiki to practice skip counting.  They are required to skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's by January, 2015.  

December Books Shares, myOn, and IXL (Category G) assignments are due by Tuesday, December 16th.

Important dates for December:
  • Monday, December 1st - Honolulu Hale Learning Trip Consent Form and payment due
  • Tuesday, December 2nd - Library Books due
  • Wednesday, December 3rd - Bodhi Day Service in the Temple, 9:00.  Please dress your child appropriately for this occasion.
  • Wednesday, December 10th - Buddy ornament due
  • Thursday, December 11th - Honolulu Hale Learning Trip
  • Friday, December 12th - Kuakini Hale Pulama Mau visit
Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving,
Mrs.  Lee

Friday, November 21, 2014

My Favorite Kind of Weather

Weather changes from day to day.  We have rainy, windy, and sunny days but not snowy ones.  Can you guess what kind of weather is our favorite?

Aloha Parents,

Number recognition and counting from 1-100 is the foundation of math.  After your child can identify a number, the next skills taught are skip counting (counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's) and identifying numbers on a hundred board. When a child is confident with these skills, it will help with addition, subtraction, money, and patterns.

Everyone has been learning skip counting skills through active participation and social interaction. These partner activities are non-threatening learning situations.  You may need to have your keiki practice at home so they master this skip counting skill.  They will be required to skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's individually by January 2015.

K-1 keiki are asked to bring in an empty Campbell Soup can (10 3/4 oz) by December 1st.  If you have any extra empty cans, we would appreciate it, too!

Please remember:

  • Monday, November 24th - Kuakini Hale Pulama Mau Visit form due
  • Tuesday, November 25th - Library Books due
          •  Thanksgiving Service in the Temple at 9:00am. Please have your child bring in one canned good for a donation.  Appropriate attire: boys - collared shirt and shorts. Girls - pants suits or dresses.
          •  Book Shares, myON, and IXL (Categories D and E) assignments due
  • Wednesday, November 26th - Flu Shots and Nasal Spray administered in the Library
          • K-1 and 3-8 Buddy Thanksgiving Luncheon.  Please have your child bring in the assigned lunch item
          • K-1 Presentation of Learning - The Thanksgiving Story, to their 3-8 Buddy
Until next time,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, November 14, 2014

Would I Want to be a Pilgrim?

It would be fun to be a Pilgrim for a little while. But after a few days, I think I would want to live in 2014 again.

Aloha Parents,

Mahalo for attending the Parent-Teacher Conferences this week.  It was a great opportunity to establish a better communication between us.  Your comments helped me to gain a greater understanding of your keiki, enabling me to be more effective in helping him or her.

It would be beneficial if you discuss the conference with your child passing on the positive information as well as areas s/he needs to work on. Please make it clear that doing well in school is a family value and that you and I are working together to help him/her succeed.

Do you have any empty 10.75 oz Campbell Soup cans? If so, please have your child bring them to school by December 1st.  They'll need it for a holiday project.  Arigato gozaimasu!

A few reminders:

  • Tuesday, November 18th - Library Books due
  • Wednesday, November 19th - P.E. in the gym.  Attire - HMS grey t-shirt, shorts, and sport shoes.
  • Tuesday, November 25th - Book Shares, myON, and IXL (categories D and E) assignments due
  • Tuesday, November 25th - Thanksgiving Service in the Temple at 9:00 am.  Please dress your child appropriately for this occasion. Boys could wear collared shirts and shorts.  Girls could wear  pants outfits or dresses.  A donation of 1 canned good is requested from each Kindergarten child as an offering. Canned goods can be brought in before Tuesday, November 25th.  
  • Wednesday, November 26th - Flu Shots/Nasal Spray will be given in the Library
  • Thursday and Friday, November 27-28th - Thanksgiving Break, no school
Be safe, be healthy, and be happy,
Mrs. Lee

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

H is for Honor

Veterans Day is next week.  We learned about the brave men and women who protect the United States. We should be thankful and honor these soldiers.

Aloha Parents,

Parent-Teacher Conferences are planned for Wednesday through Friday, November 12th-14th.   K-1 conferences will be held in the Faculty Lounge. (First Floor, near the makai stairwell) You may sit outside on the benches if you arrive early.

A few reminders:

  • Thursday and Friday, November 6th-7th - Teacher In-Service, no school
  • Tuesday, November 11th - Veterans Day, no school
  • Wednesday, November 12th - P.E. in the gym. Please dress your child in the HMS grey t-shirt and shorts.
  • Tuesday, November 18th - Library Books due
  • Tuesday, November 25th - Book Shares, myON Reader, (minimum of 5 books) and IXL (categories D and E) assignments due
  • Tuesday, November 25th - Thanksgiving Service in the Temple.  Please dress your child appropriately for this event.  Donation of one canned good per child is appreciated.
Malama pono,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween is Here

Halloween was fa'boo'lous.  We wish we could have a Halloween Parade and Monster Cookies every day in October.

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Aloha Parents,

Can you believe it is November? I don't know where the time goes, but the days are flying by quickly!

Mahalo to everyone who generously shared Halloween goodies.  The keiki were beyond excited receiving the treats.  Hopefully, they'll save a few of their sweets for the weeks ahead and share some with you. Please have your child return the blue Walmart recyclable bags on Monday, November 3rd as they will be used for future holiday treats.

IXL is a great website for math practice, which can build confidence and accuracy. Students receive detailed tips if their answer is incorrect and there is the microphone icon which helps them listen to the problem if they can't read it. The K-1 keiki mentioned how they enjoyed working on IXL because of the rewards and immediate feedback.

The next IXL Math assignment, due on Tuesday, November 25th is:
  • D. Numbers and counting up to 20
  • E. Numbers and counting beyond 20
The myON reading assignment (minimum of 5 books) and Book Share will also have a due date of Tuesday, November 25th.

Have you heard of  It is a great educational website that provides interactive content to help young children with the basics of phonics, reading, and a little bit of math. It uses cute animation and sounds to engage the youngsters in the learning process. This site is a great supplemental tool and appeals to different learning styles. The best part about this is there is no membership fees.  However, there is a charge for the app. The children were excited about the site when they saw it this week. You may want to check it out!

Dates to Remember:
  • Monday, November 3rd - Blue Walmart recyclable bags should be returned
  • Tuesday, November 4th - Library books due
  • Wednesday, November 5th - Swim Showoffs at the pool, 10:20-10:50am
  • Thursday/Friday, November 6th/7th -  Teacher In-Service, no school
  • Tuesday, November 25th - Book Shares, myON and IXL assignnments due
Have a candy-filled weekend,
Mrs.  Lee

Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween is Coming

October is flying by and we have been busy.  Lots of craftivities and writing going on.  We just love October!

Aloha Parents,

Just a few reminders:
  • Tuesday October 28th - Library Books due.
  • Tuesday, October 28th - Picture Retakes.  Please return all the pictures taken in September, but keep the class photo.
  • Wednesday, October 29th - Book Shares, myON, and IXL Math assignments due.
  • Wednesday, October 29th - If your child plans to share Halloween goodie bags with the other keiki, kindly bring them in by this date.
  • Friday, October 31st - Halloween Parade on the Greenspace from 8:30-9:30.  Please stand outside of the fence for the annual Spook-tacular event. You are welcome to take class photos after the parade. Please help your child change into school attire and take their costumes home.
  • Wednesday, November 5th - Swim Showoffs at poolside from 10:20-10:50.  You are invited to watch the students swim, showing off what they have mastered. 
Malama pono,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, October 17, 2014

October is SUPER Fun

October is the month to remember history and have Halloween fun. We enjoyed  making Columbus's ship and other frightfully funny creatures.

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Aloha Parents,
Our Annual Halloween Parade will be a spook-tacular event on Friday, October 31st on the Green Space.  It will start at 8:30.  Plan to arrive early and stand outside the Green Space fence.
When the Parade ends, you'll be able to take photos of the students in sweet 'n' spooky costumes.
If possible, please stay after the Kodak moments to help your child change into school attire.  You may take the costumes with you when you leave.
A big mahalo to Mr. and Mrs. Goo, (Brenden's parents) for generously donating a huge pumpkin for our pumpkin carving activity.  On Monday, we will turn the pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern.
A few reminders for the coming week(s):
  • Tuesday, October 21st - Library Books due
  • Wednesday, October 28th - Picture retakes
  • Wednesday, October 28th - Book shares, myON, and IXL assignments due
  • Thursday, October 29th - If you wish to share Halloween Goodie Bags with the students, please bring them in by this date.  This is optional.
Keep safe,
Mrs.  Lee


Friday, October 10, 2014

Fire Safety Week

This was Fire Safety Week. We read several books and watched videos about firefighters and the tools they use to stay safe on their job.  We also made fire trucks.  An important part of  our lesson was what we must do in case of fire at our house.  After brainstorming, we came up with the following:
  • Stop, drop, and roll
  • Get out fast
  • Call 911
  • Make a plan
Everyone had fun making their fire trucks and writing one or more things what we must do in case of fire. Just watch us.....

Fire Safety Week on PhotoPeach

Aloha Parents,

Our Presentation of Learning was the greatest thing for the students.  Having you in their classroom was thrilling for them.  Sharing their knowledge of apples was even better because they were waiting all week to tell you about it.  Mahalo for attending, as it meant the world to these keiki.

Mahalo to Mrs. Azama, Mrs. Kubota, Mrs.Uehara (Emma's Grandmother), and Mrs. Pimental for chaperoning our Learning Trip to the Discovery Center.  Please log in to Shutterfly to view some photos.

3 areas were visited - Fantastic You, Your Town, and Rainforest Adventures.  There was nonstop fun and hands-on learning.  Please consider visiting the Discovery Center on a weekend as your child will have more time to explore, discover, imagine and dream.

  • Monday, October 13th - Flu Vaccine or Nasal Spray forms due.  Please advise if your child will not be submitting a form.
  • Monday, October 13th - Fire fighter's Safety Pledge page due (last page of the Safety Guide).
  • Wednesday, October 29th - Book Shares, myON, and IXL assignments due
  • Thursday, October 30th - If you plan to share Halloween treats, please bring them in by this date.
Have a nice weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, October 3, 2014

Japanese with Tamayo Sensei

Japanese Class is so much fun.  We sing, color and paste, and use the Brightlink to help us learn all things Japanese.

Aloha Parents,

IXL is a web-based Math practice site for students in all grade levels.  Questions are administered one at a time, in a fun and interactive environment.  Users receive immediate feedback if their answer is correct or incorrect.

The keiki were introduced and have been practicing some of the lessons on the IWB or on the iPads. It is exciting for them as a fast paced activity. They also enjoy the independence of using the audio support button during practice time.

You should have received information about this website, including their usernames and passwords.  They can practice their math skills using a computer or the IXL app.

For the month of October they should complete the following skills on the Kindergarten level:
  • Numbers and counting up to 3
  • Numbers and counting up to 5
  • Numbers and counting up to 10
  • Patterns
Please contact me if you have any questions regarding IXL Math.

A few reminders:
  • Tuesday, October 7th - Library books due
  • Thursday, October 9th - Discovery Center Learning Trip.  Attire - Grey HMS tshirt and sport shoes.  If your child plans to bring home lunch, please place items in a labeled Ziploc bag.  All containers and water bottles must be disposable.
  • Wednesday, October 8th - Presentation of Learning RSVP due
  • Friday, October 10th - Presentation of Learning 8:20-9:20am in K-1.  Please bring a knife as you will be cutting an apple.
  • Monday, October 13th - Flu Vaccine Forms due
  • Monday, October 13th - Fire Fighter's Safety Guide Pledge page due (last page of the Safety Guide)
  • Wednesday, October 29th - Book Shares, myON, and IXL assignments due
Have a nice weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Monday, September 29, 2014

Presentation of Learning Invite

Aloha Parents,

Here's an invite to our Presentation of Learning: Apples, Apples, Everywhere!

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Fire Prevention Week is from October 5-11, 2014.  A Fire Fighter's Safety Guide with important fire safety measures for your keiki and family to practice will be sent home.  Please complete the booklet to the best of your child's understanding. Your keiki should sign and return the Junior Fire Fighter's Pledge form located on the back of the workbook by Monday, October 13th.  S/he will be rewarded with coupons entitling them to freebies from local merchants.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Investigation

Our Apple Investigation was fantastic.  After looking at our apples very closely, we 
measured the weight and height of the apple.  Then, the apples were cut open and the insides were observed.  Next, the seeds were counted and an apple print was made. Finally we ate our apple!

We also experimented and discovered that apples float and apple seeds sink when placed in water.

Aloha everyone,

The students have been enjoying their new reading experiences with myON and loving it.  I am pleasantly surprised at the number of books the class, in general, has read. They are reminded that it is so important to read because it enriches their lives and takes them to all kinds of 'places'.  It is like flying to great heights in pursuit of knowledge. So encourage them to go online and read as much as they can. 

Beginning in October, Book Shares will begin and myOn reading assignments will continue. Pizza Hut reading incentive coupons entitling them for a complimentary personal pan pizza will be distributed at the end of the month.

A few reminders for the coming weeks:
  • Monday, September 29th - myON reading requirement of 5 books read should be completed
  • Tuesday, September 30th - Library books due
  • Tuesday, September 30th - Safeway Market Tour Learning Trip, 11:35-1:00.  Attire - Grey HMS t-shirt and sport shoes.
  • Thursday, October 9th - Discovery Center Learning Trip.  Attire - Grey HMS t-shirt and sport shoes. 
  • Monday, October 13th - Flu Vaccine Consent forms due.  Please advise if your child will not be receiving the vaccine or nasal spray. 
  • Wednesday, October 29th - Book Shares and myON reading assignment should be completed
Have a fun weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, September 18, 2014

International Dot Day 2014

International Dot Day 2014 was celebrated  by millions of people around the world.  We joined them as we created our dot pictures.

Aloha Parents,

The only way to improve at reading is to do it often. With the help of the BOOK IT! Program, sponsored by Pizza Hut,  K-1 students will be "reading their hearts out". This program runs from October 1, 2014 - March 31, 2015. The keiki will have the opportunity to earn a Reading Award Certificate by reading the minimum of 5 books through myON and share a book with the class.

Each child will present one oral Book Share per monthly to their classmates.  Modeling will be done in class so they can observe strategies such as maintaining eye contact, good posture, and projecting their voice. For some students, sharing a book is not an easy task.  However, if their presentation is practiced at home, they will feel prepared and comfortable. This will be an exciting and useful experience for everyone as it is a fun way to build confidence and allows them to express their own opinions.

Oral Book Shares should include:
  1. Bring the book to show 
  2. Read the title and the name of the author and illustrator
  3. Share one illustration from the book and explain why they liked it
At the end of the month, the Reading Award Certificates will be distributed.  It can be redeemed at Pizza Hut where your child will receive their own free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza to celebrate their reading and Book Share accomplishment.  There is no purchase necessary and the pizza can be taken to go.  On the first visit, they will receive an official BOOK IT! Passport to Reading and sticker to track their reading progress.  On subsequent visits, they will get another free Personal Pan Pizza and sticker to add to their passport.

Please contact me via email or a note at least one day before your child plans to share her/his book with the class.  Mahalo!

Everyone in K-1 will be going crazy over apples in the coming weeks.  They will be graphing, tasting, measuring, as well as other activities about America's favorite fruit. One of our class graphs and a little apple craftivity will show their favorite type of apple - Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, or Granny Smith.  All students are asked to bring in one of their personal favorite type of apple by Wednesday, September 24th for  this connection to apples.

  • Monday, September 22nd -Pali Safeway Tour Consent Form and payment due
  • Tuesday, September 23nd - Library books due
  • Wednesday, September 24th - Your child's favorite type of apple due
  • Wednesday, September 24th - Discovery Center Consent Form and payment due
  • Wednesday, September 24th - Swimming continues
  • Tuesday, September 30th - Pali Safeway Tour
Warm regards,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, September 12, 2014

Our First Swim Class

Swim class was the best!  The water felt so cool! Putting our heads underwater and blowing bubbles was fun! Our favorite was kicking with our legs and swimming across the pool.  It would be wonderful if we could swim all the time!

Our First Swim Class - Video Maker

Aloha Parents,

Thank you to the parents who have purchased additional Elmer's glue and had their child bring it to school.  If you haven't sent the glue in yet, please do so, as the keiki work on many craft projects.

All the children absolutely love myON.  Please continue to stimulate their interest by reading to and with your child at least 15-20 minutes daily.  The goal is for each student to have a strong foundation in language and literacy-related skills and a desire to learn to read. 

Friendly reminders:
  • Monday, September 15th - International Dot Day. Please dress your child in clothing that has dots, spots, and/or polka dots.
  • Monday, September 15th - Payment for pictures due
  • Tuesday, September 16th - Picture Day 
  • Tuesday, September 16th - Library books due
  • Wednesday, September 17th - Peace Day Service at 9:00am in the Temple.  Please dress your child appropriately for this occasion. Boys - collared t-shirt/aloha shirt and shorts. Girls - dresses or pants outfits, no shorts please. Everyone will change into their swim wear upon returning from the Temple Service.
  • Monday, September 22nd - Safeway Parental Consent Form and $2 payment due
Mrs. Lee

"Children learn by doing, and play is their work" Unknown

Friday, August 29, 2014

K-1 Activities

It was a busy week.  Some Kindergarten teachers from Japan spent time with us.  We had a nice time getting to know them even though we couldn't understand each other.

We listened to the story Leo the Late Bloomer and discussed the ways Leo "bloomed" in the story. It was exciting to see the things he could do after he bloomed.  After thinking of things we could do, we wrote and illustrated it on our flower petals.

Our 5 Senses Bear was the beginning of our unit on Senses.  It was fun to cut out all the circles and glue them together for the bear. The perfume on the cotton ball nose smelled so sweet too.

Aloha Parents,

The children have been raving about myON , the online library of books.  There is a great variety of books for them and they are in ebook heaven. Please continue encouraging your keiki to explore and enjoy the beautifully illustrated works and genres.

Students who are read to have a significant effect on reading and language development.  It also:
  • Prepares children for school and has a positive effect on academic success
  • Helps children see the connection between speech and the printed word
  • Aids in listening, comprehension, vocabulary, and thinking skills
  • Develops a good attitude toward reading and learning
  • Develops "book knowledge" or a familiarity with books, titles, authors, illustrators, plot, etc.
Students will be required to read a minimum of 5 books per month starting in September.  Remember, the sky is the help your child find a comfortable, pleasant environment and listen to the books together until s/he wishes to read alone.

These past few weeks were all about getting into the main core subjects.  The focus for them is as follows:
  • Literacy - Concept of Word, Rhyme Recognition, Word and Syllable Segmentation; Sharing Literature; Introduction to High Frequency Words: a, the, like; Free Write with an illustration
  • Math -Identify Spatial Relationship; Sort and Objects and Identify the Attribute of each Group; Concrete Graphs; Patterns
  • Social Studies - Friends and Family
  • Science - Our 5 Senses
I'm excited about teaching these students! I can't wait to see how much they learn and grow this year!!!

A few tidbits to remember:
  • Monday, September 1st - Labor Day, No school
  • Monday, September 8th - Buddhist Education begins
  • Wednesday, September 10th - Swim classes begin.  Please label all towels, swimwear, slippers, swimbags, and goggles (optional). They will need additional recyclable plastic bags for their wet suits and slippers.

Have a great weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A My Name is ...

We listened to the story A My Name is... and learned about the first letters in our names.  We also wrote about one thing we liked!

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Aloha Parents,
The students are more comfortable as they are accustomed to all the new routines and procedures.  Life is so much easier. They are even beginning to remind others what they should do when they forget.
When asked what they enjoyed about Kindergarten so far, responses included:
  • writing
  • napping
  • playing on the green space
  • Art, P.E., and Japanese classes
  • the craftivity Bright Vacations
  • cutting for art & crafts
  • everyone mentioned school was fun!

In Social Studies, we are focusing on Friends and Family. For a lesson next week, please have your child bring in a photo(s) of a special time or event they have shared with family and friends. They will show the photo and describe why the special time was important to their families and friends. Photos should be brought in by Wednesday, August 27th.
A few reminders:
  • Tuesday, August 26th - Library books are due.
  • Wednesday, August 27th - P.E. classes are scheduled for Wednesdays.  Please dress your child in the HMS t-shirt and shorts.
  • Wednesday, August 27th - Photo(s) of Friends and Family Celebrations due
  • Thursday, August 28th - Popcorn Social in the CafĂ©, 4:15-5:20.  PTO Meeting to follow.
  • Monday, September 1st - Labor Day. National Holiday.
A hui hou,
Mrs. Lee


Thursday, August 14, 2014

The First Week of School

The first week of school has been fun and very busy. We have been learning all our brand new routines. The IWB is so neat since we use a pen to move and write things. Other fun things we liked were listening to stories on the carpet, putting stickers on the 100 Day Chart, and getting a sticker to put on our smart cookie chart if we were good. Here is a look at other things we've been up to.

The First Week of School on PhotoPeach

Aloha Parents,

Mahalo for attending our Kindergarten Orientation on Monday, August 11th. I know that together we can work together and support your child's learning.

Thank you to Mrs. Hirata, Katelyn's mom who volunteered to be the K-1 Room Parent. It is truly appreciated.

A few items to remember:
  • Friday, August 15th - Statehood Day. School closed.
  • Monday, August 18th - Show and Tell begins.  Your child is welcome to bring one item to share. (The item should be able to fit in their backpack.) Students will be sharing round robin style with 4-5 students in each group. Please practice with your child so s/he'll have an idea what to tell their peers.
  • Monday, August 18th - Popcorn Social RSVP due. Meet the Kindergarten ohana on Thursday, August 28th and enjoy some yummy colored popcorn and bottled water.
  • Monday, August 18th - Please submit the "Tell Me About Your Child' form so I can  understand your child's needs better.
  • Tuesday, August 19th - Library class begins.
  • Monday September 8th - Buddhist Education begins with Reverend Yuika Hasebe as the instructor.
Have a fine weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer School Potpourri

It's been so much fun in Summer School that we want to do it again!

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Aloha Parents,
Summer School has  been a time for learning and exploring for the Kindergarten students.  While they miss their old friends, they've made many new ones. 
They have also loved engaging in different types of hands-on learning. They are usually paired with a partner or part of a small group so they can experience collaborative learning. Hope you have  conversations with your child about this slideshow and their activities. 
A hard copy of your keiki's Progress Report will be sent home on the last day of Summer School (July 11th). If s/he is absent, the Progress Report will be mailed to you.
A hui hou,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Many Things We Liked

We wanted to share with you our Reading and Math work with a Camping theme. Enjoy!

Hope everyone has a cool weekend,
K-1 Keiki

Friday, June 13, 2014

Life with Friends

Summer School is the most fun when we are with old and new friends.  We're working, playing, and eating lunch together very well.

We continued with our camping theme and here's what we've been up to...

After we learned some interesting facts about some animals people might see while camping, such as skunks, owls, and porpcupines, we wrote about them. It was awesome making the animals with colored paper, toothpicks and googly eyes. In Math we worked with a buddy to compare numbers and solve word problems. It is great to have these activities.
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Aloha Parents,

Progress Reports will be emailed to you by Friday, June 20th. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a nice weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, June 6, 2014

We are Happy Campers

Summer School is alot of fun!  We started the week with a camping theme.  Of course, all these activites were in our classroom.  Hopefully, we'll get the chance to go camping outdoors with our families.

We are Happy Campers on PhotoPeach

Aloha Parents,

All the keiki are off to a fun-filled summer filled with all sorts of academic adventures.   They set up their tents, started their campfires, and got their flashlights ready. Some activities they worked on thus far included: Writing Campfire Tales, Compare and Contrast (cabin/tent) Venn Diagram, Spin and Graph (items used at camps),  ABC Order (camping words), and Star Gazing (reading and recording camping words).  They've been enthusiastc about following the camping theme unit so far, and are excited that it will continue for a few more weeks.

myON Reader, the online reading program is still available for your child.  Encouraging them to read will not only improve their vocabulary, but  they'll learn interesting and useful information, help them to write better, and develop their imagination skills.

All young students have small stomachs.  After 3-4 hours without food, their stomachs are empty and their blood glucose levels are reduced.  Healthy snacks at first recess helps to keep their blood sugar levels even and prevents them from getting so hungry that they can't focus on the second half of the summer school class. Please pack a small, nutritious snack for them daily.

Most students purchase snacks from the Snack Bar in the afternoon.  Please be sure to write their name and room number on their plastic bag or wallet.  This will be most helpful to  Mr. Jason Noh, the K-1 Group Leader, and his assistant.

Malama pono,
Mrs. Lee

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kindergarten Memories

Kindergarten was the best year yet. We loved school because it was cool and we learned so much. We made many new friends. Hope to see everyone next year!
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Aloha Parents,

This is a close to our Kindergarten school year.  We don't think of it as an end but rather a beginning to your child's lifetime of discovery and learning.
It was nice partnering with you to support your child's development during this crucial time for them as students.
A special mahalo from all the children for the generous goodie bags.  They were a nice surprise and I could see their faces light up with excitement.

All the best,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Next Year I Hope...

We shared what we liked the most in Kindergarten.  But next year, we'll be a little taller and more adventurous. So we wanted to tell you what we hope for in the coming school year.
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Aloha kakou,

Excitement is in the air for several reasons.  One of them is our anticipation of the upcoming play, The Runaway Rice Cake.  Practice is held daily and it has been fun!  They are hilarious, to say the least.  Mahalo to the parents of Greydan, Brody, Drew, Emma, Jace, and Ella who worked hard to create the fabulous and realistic looking delicacies: noodles, buns, oranges, gau, dumplings, and fish! Your time and effort in making the faux yummies are truly appreciated!

Another reason for all the excitement is the keiki preparing for the end of the school year.  Expect to see blankets, mats,  extra clothes, etc, in your child's bag as many items will be sent home.  Blankets will not be needed any longer.....which means no nap!

Please remember:
  • Monday, May 19th - No P.E.
  • Monday, May 19th - Legend of Oz: Dorothy Returns movie at Ward Theater. Attire - HMS grey t-shirt and shoes. Clamshell lunch will be eaten upon our return.
  • Monday, May 19th - If your child wishes to share goodie bags with his/her classmates, please bring them in by this date.  It will be distributed on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday, May 20th - Kindergarten Luncheon consisting of Chili Hot Dog, fruits, and a drink
  • Wednesday, May 21st -
    • 9:00-9:20  - The Runaway Rice Cake play in Room 31.  All actors should come to school dressed in their 'costumes'.
    • 9:20-10:15 - End of the Year program in our K-1 classroom
    • 10:15-10:25 - Change to swimwear
    • 10:30-11:00 - Free swim for students in the HMS pool
    • 11:00 - Shower and change
    • 11:30 - Dismissal
Malama pono,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Best Thing about Kindergarten

Sharing is one thing we love to do.  So....we'd like to share the best thing about our Kindergarten year with our families and friends!

Aloha Parents,

Wednesday, May 21st is the last day of school.  You are invited to:
  • 9:00 - Stories at Sunrise Production - The Runaway Rice Cake in Room 31
  • 9:30 - K-1 End of the year program in our classroom
  • 10:30 - Free Swim for the keiki in the HMS pool
  • 11:30 - Dismissal
Hope you will be able to attend these exciting events!

Dates to remember:
  • Friday, May 9th - Swim Showoffs at the HMS pool from 10-10:30
  • Wednesday, May 14th - All Library Books due
  • Thursday, May 15th - Gotan-e Service in the Temple. We celebrate the birth of Shinran Shonin (1173-1262), the founder of Shin Buddhism. Please dress your child appropriately for this Temple service.
  • Monday, May 19th - Legend of Oz - Dorothy Returns movie at Ward Theaters.  Lunch will be clamshelled and eaten upon our return. Attire - HMS t-shirt and shoes
  • Tuesday, May 20th - Kindergarten Luncheon provided for all students (at no charge)
  • Wednesday, May 21st - Year ending events
Happy Mother's Day!
Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. ~Author Unknown
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Polynesian Cultural Center

Our visit to Polynesian Cultural Center was fantastic.  It was so much fun to learn about other cultures.  We got to see a Hawaiian Journey movie at the IMAX theater. The best part was riding on the large canoe where alot of us could ride at the same time.

Polynesian Cultural Center May 1, 2014 on PhotoPeach

Aloha Parents,

Hope you'll be able to attend the HMS Field Day on campus tomorrow. A Greenspace dedication and Opening Ceremonies begin at 8:30.  Students will be seated on the green space next to a number on the fence.  Families can gather near the classroom around the outside of the Greenspace fence.  Plans are for Bounce House fun, Relays, Family game, etc. for the Kindergarteners.

Families are invited to cool off with some Shave Ice, which will be served on the blacktop. Please have your keiki wear their special K t-shirt for this event. A pizza lunch, with grapes, carrots,  and a drink will be served. Swim class is cancelled.

Please continue to to encourage your keiki to practice his/her parts in the play The Runaway Rice Cake.  Also, feel free to contact me for more information regarding their costumes or props. Their big performance is May 21st!

  • Monday, May 5th - Legend of Oz: Dorothy's Return Parent Consent Form with payment due
  • Tuesday, May 6th - PTO Meeting in the Social Hall beginning at 5:00pm
  • Wednesday, May 7th - Library books due
  • Friday, May 9th - Swim Showoffs at the HMS pool from 10-10:30
A hui hou,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, April 25, 2014

Earth Day Promises

We celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd so everyone could remember to take care of and appreciate Mother Earth.  What is your promise to help keep the Earth nice and clean?

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Aloha Parents,

It was a great performance at the Matsuri Program this morning.  The keiki danced so well to the fast paced Ninjari Bang Bang song. Arigato gozaimasu to Tamayo Sensei for her help and patience in teaching the children the dance.

Spirit Week is scheduled for next week Monday through Friday, April 28th - May 2nd. Help your child dress up for a fun week!
  • Monday - Magical Monday - Dress like a Disney character
  • Tuesday - Twin Day - Dress up with a buddy
  • Wednesday - Wishful Wednesday - What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Thursday - Throw Back Thursday - Dress in the past
  • Friday - Olympic Field Day Dress - Dress in swim gear and active wear
Dates to remember:
  • Wednesday, April 30th - Library Books due
  • Thursday, May 1st - Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie. Your child needs to be in school by 7:40. Students will leave the classroom at 7:50. Attire - HMS P.E. t-shirt, sport shoes, and sunblock rubdown before school. Disposables bags, wrap, and bottles are encouraged for those bringing home lunch. We should return to school by 1:30.
  • Friday, May 2nd - Field Day from 8:30-11:40.  Pizza Lunch will follow in the K-1 classroom. Please submit the Parent Consent Form and Pizza lunch payment by Monday, April 28th.
  • Friday, May 9th - Swim Showoffs at 10:00. Watch your keiki showoff their swimming skills at the HMS pool.
  • Monday, May 19th - Legend of Oz: Dorothy's Return Field Trip. Parent permission forms to be distributed on Monday, April 28th.  Forms and payment are due Monday, May 5th.
  • Wednesday, May 21st - Stories at Sunrise Production - The Runaway Rice Cake play performed at 9:00 in Room 31. Continue to help your child practice their parts so they will feel confident. We'll let you know soon what costumes the children will need.
Enjoy the weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Math is Fantastic!

We really enjoy learning and practicing our subtraction through activities!

Math is Fantastic! on PhotoPeach

Aloha Parents,

Your thoughtfulness and kindness was appreciated by all the students as they received their Easter goodie bags today. They were so tickled and excited to count and open them. Mahalo nui loa!

Families and friends are cordially invited to the K-1 Swim Showoffs on Friday, May 9th from 10:00-10:30 at the HMS pool. Watch your keiki as they dazzle you with their swimming skills. 

Mrs. Cari Lee, the Drama teacher, has been diligently working with the students in preparation for the upcoming K-1 play, The Runaway Rice Cake.  Please review the play at home and help your child memorize his/her part. This would be beneficial since the students have Drama class only once a  week. The date for the performance will be announced soon.

Dates to remember:
  • Friday, April 18th - State Holiday, school closed
  • Wednesday, April 23rd - Recyclable bag due
  • Wednesday, April 23rd - Library books due
  • Thursday, April 24th - myON Reader and Book Shares due
  • Friday, April 25th - Spring Program in the Social Hall, beginning at 9:00am.  Performance order will be shared soon. Attire - black short or long sleeve t-shirt, long black leggings/pants, black socks with black shoes.
  • Thursday, May 1st - Polynesian Cultural Center Learning Trip.  Please be in school by 7:40am. We will leave the classroom at 7:50am.  Attire - HMS gray t-shirt, sport shoes, and sunscreen rubdown before school. Home lunchers - please use disposable containers, bags, and water bottles.
  • Friday, May 2nd - Olympic Field Day, show HMS spirit in swim gear and active wear!
May the gladness and warm tidings of Easter fill your heart with love and joy. Happy Easter to a group of wonderful parents!
Mrs. Lee

Friday, April 11, 2014

Kuakini's Open House

Kuakini's Open House was full of surprises.  It was awesome!

Aloha Parents,

Important dates to remember:
  • Tuesday, April 15th - Student Council Talent Show from 5-6:30pm in the Social Hall.  Kaiden will participate by playing the piano.
  • Wednesday, April 16th - Library books due
  • Wednesday, April 16th - Easter Goodie Bags (optional) due
  • Thursday, April 17th - Easter Goodie bags distributed
  • Friday, April 18th - State Holiday, school closed
  • Thursday, April 24th - myON Reader and Book Shares due
  • Friday, April 25th - Spring Program beginning at 9:00 in the Social Hall.
    • Attire - black t-shirt, black long pants, black socks and shoes.
Mrs. Lee

Friday, April 4, 2014

Jump Rope for Heart

Everyone in the school had lots of exercise for their hearts by jumping rope and going on the obstacle course on our new Greenspace. We wish we could do it more often.

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Aloha Parents,

Our Spring Program will be held on Friday, April 25th, beginning at 8:30.  Remember to arrive early so you'll find a parking space.
Our miniature Ninjas will need to wear black t-shirts, black long pants, and black socks with black shoes. Tamayo Sensei has purchased a mask and orange gloves to complete their outfits.
If your child wishes to share Easter goodie bags/treats with the other keiki, please bring them in by Wednesday, April 16th.  They will be distributed on Thursday, April 17th.
Red letter dates:
  • Friday, April 4th - Jump Rope for Heart envelopes due
  • Tuesday, April 8th - Buddha Day - No School
  • Wednesday, April 9th - Library Books due
  • Thursday, April 10th - Polynesian Cultural Center Consent Form with payment due (PCC Forms to be distributed on Monday, April 7th)
  • Friday, April 11th - Kuakini Health System Open House Walking Learning Trip, 9:00-11:30am. Attire - HMS t-shirt and sport shoes
  • Thursday, April 24th - myON Reader and Book Shares due

Have a nice weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Learning Showcase 2013-2014

Thank you to everyone for coming and letting us show you what we have been learning about Healthy Teeth and A Healthy Me!  It was fun and exciting.  These are some things we learned about it.

Aloha Parents,

The keiki were thrilled having you visit today to share their knowledge of Dental and Food & Nutrition.  They have learned so much in the past two months and I hope these healthy habits will continue throughout their lifetime. Mahalo for dropping by to witness your children shine in what they do best --- learning and growing academically.

Important April dates:
  • Monday - Friday, March 24th -28th - Spring Break
  • Tuesday, April 1st - Lifetouch photos/payment due
  • Wednesday, April 2nd - Library Books due
  • Thursday, April 3rd - Buddha Day Service. Buddha Day (Hanamatsuri "flower festival" in Japanese) is commemorated on to celebrate the birth of Siddhartha Gautama, who later became enlightened as Sakyamuni Buddha.
    • Please dress your child appropriately for this Temple Service. Boys - collared shirt and shorts/pants.  Girls - dress or leggings/pants outfits. 
Wishing everyone a safe and fun Spring Break,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, March 14, 2014

Kualoa Petting Zoo

Today was the perfect warm and sunny day to spend at Kualoa Petting Zoo.  It was a great place because the docents shared alot of information about the animals. The best part was petting and feeding the goat, cow, horse, rabbit, and sheep. We loved it!


Aloha Parents,

The students are learning all about addition and subtraction.  Please support them at home by downloading apps on your devices and/or having them work with manipulatives at home.

Please remember:
  • Tuesday, March 18th - Kuakini Open House Learning Trip Consent Form due
  • Wednesday, March 19th - Library books due
  • Thursday, March 20th - myON Reader and Book Shares due
  • Friday, March 21st - Healthy Teeth and A Healthy Me Learning Showcase presentations:
    • 9:30 - 9:50am  in the K-1 classroom
    • 10:00 - 10:20am in the Music Room  with Mrs. Ellis 
    • 10:30 - 10:50am in the K-1 classroom
    • 11:30am  - Dismissal for all students.  There will not be any Afterschool Care or FG classes.
    • No Resources classes are planned. Regular instructional time will be throughout the school day.
  • Monday, March 24th - Friday, March 28th - Spring Recess

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Safeway Tour

The Learning Trip walking through Pali Safeway helped us understand what good nutrition is in the foods we eat.
Aloha Parents,

Swimming with Ms. Whitney and Mr. Kimura was a hit on Monday when the keiki enjoyed their first swim lesson together. To make things easier for the swim classes in the future, boys can come dressed in swim shorts and their rash guards or t-shirts before they arrive at school. Please pack a t-shirt and shorts in their swim bag to change into after swim class. Girls may wear their swimsuits under their school attire. Long hair must be pulled back. Sunblock may be applied before school.

Our Learning Showcase will be an exciting event on Friday, March 21st.  The Kindergarten classes will present  Healthy Teeth and A Healthy Me! This is all about Dental Health and Food & Nutrition. Visit us in K-1 as your child shares their knowledge and answers your questions about these two important topics.

Our showcase will be at: 9:30-9:50 and 10:30-10:50.  Classroom doors will open a little earlier (9:15) for your convenience.  Mrs. Ellis will be showcasing Music Class with the K-1 students in the Music Room  from 10:00-10:20, so you may want to visit them, too.

No Resources classes are planned. But, please note that regular instructional time will be throughout the rest of the day. Early dismissal for all HMS students will be at 11:30.  There will no Afterschool or FG classes.

  • Monday, March 10th - Training for  a Superhero Smile Chart due
  • Monday, March 10th - No Religious Education class
  • Wednesday, March 12th - Library Books due
  • Thursday, March 13th - Spring Higan Services in the Temple. It is a memorial service for our ancestors. Higan means 'the other shore'. The purpose of the Higan service is to send merit of the Lotus Sutra and the Odaimoku to the ancestors' spirits on the other shore of enlightenment. We practice the Buddha's teaching in order to cross the river from this shore of illusions to the other shore of enlightenment by holding the Higan service.
    • Please dress your child in appropriate attire.  Boys - collared shirts and shorts/pants. Girls - dresses or pants outfits.
  • Friday, March 14th - Kualoa Petting Zoo Learning Trip
    • Be in school by 7:45am 
    • We'll leave schoolside at 8:00 
    • Attire - HMS t-shirt and athletic shoes
    • Sunblock and insect repellent rubdown before school
    • Home lunchers - Use only disposable containers/bags 
  • Thursday, March 20th - myON Reader and Book Shares due 
  • Friday, March 21st - Learning Showcase. 11:30 dismissal 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss wrote many funny books! He also wrote the best rhyming books! We listened to some of them including The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, The Foot Book, One Fish, Two Fish, etc. Now you can see some of the activities we enjoyed working on this week.

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Aloha Parents,
Everyone had fun touring Pali Safeway, learning about items in each department.  They especially enjoyed the opportunity to select and purchase a healthy fruit or snack at the checkout counter. The managers must have enjoyed our visit as they gave us 2 large trays of assorted cookies and a container of grapes to take back to school.  How nice of them!
Swimming begins on Monday, March 3rd.  Please be sure to have a swimsuit, towel, slippers (not crocs), sunscreen (optional), and a plastic bag for their wet clothes in a swim bag.  The swim bag could be a recycled fabric or nylon bag, but not plastic bags (Longs, Times, etc.). Those are very thin and a bit small so be sure the swim bag is roomy enough to fit all their swim supplies.  Labeling everything is greatly encouraged!
Please remember:
  • Tuesday, March 4th - Spring pictures
  • Wednesday, March 5th - Library books due
  • Wednesday, March 5th - Hansel and Gretel Play at the Hawaii Theater.  Attire - HMS t-shirt and sport shoes.  Lunch will be eaten upon our return.
  • Monday, March 10th - Training for a Superhero Smile Chart due
  • Friday, March 14th - Kualoa Petting Zoo Learning Trip
Have a great weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, February 21, 2014

Our Healthy Teeth

February is Dental Health Month.  We are learning how to keep our teeth and gums healthy so we'll have a nice smile.

Aloha kakou Parents,

The script for The Runaway Rice Cake has been placed in your keiki's folder.  They have started practicing this skit, under the direction of Mrs. Cari Lee in Drama class .  Please provide additional support and practice at home. You will be cordially invited to their performance in mid-May.

Here are a few important dates to remember:
  • Wednesday, February 26th - Library Books due.
  • Wednesday, February 26th - myON Reader and Book Shares due.
  • Friday, February 28th - 'Lucky to Be a Family' decorated shamrock due.
  • Friday, February 28th - Safeway Learning Trip.  Attire - Special 'K' t-shirt, shorts or pants, and sport shoes. Leaving school at 8:30 and returning by 10:30.  They may wear their 'K' t-shirt to P.E.
  • Tuesday, March 4th - Picture Taking Day!
  • Friday, March 7th - Training for a Superhero Smile Chart due.
In honor of Dental Health Month, Keep Smiling!
Mrs. Lee

Friday, February 14, 2014

Two Great Presidents

It was fun making pictures as we learned what these Presidents did for our country!

Aloha Parents,

Tamayo Sensei is working with the Kindergarten students on a Ninja performance for the Spring Program on Friday, April 25th.  She would prefer all miniature Ninjas to wear a long sleeve plain black t-shirt and long black pants (ankle length leggings are fine for the girls).  Headbands and gloves will be provided with the contributions sent in. Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.

Mahalo for all the Better Homes and Gardens, Taste, Gourmet, etc. magazines that were brought in!  Since we are studying Dental Care and Nutrition, the keiki love the bright photos of food to cut out for their collages.

Every K-1 Valentine was tickled with your generosity as they received their little Heart Day Goodie Bags. They felt so important and loved! Arigato gozaimasu for sharing!

The 2nd Trimester ended on Friday, February 14th.  Classwork was sent home via their folder or in their recyclable bag.  Enjoy the conversations with your child about their learning as s/he has so much to share with you!

Please remember:
  • Monday, February 17th - Presidents' Day, No School
  • Wednesday, February 19th - Library Books due
  • Wednesday, February 19th -  Please return your recyclable bag by this date
  • Friday, February 21st - Kualoa Petting Zoo Consent Form and payment due
  • Wednesday, February 26th - myON Reader and Book Shares due
  • Friday, March 7th - Talent Show Forms due
Enjoy the long weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Touring the Hokule`a and Hikianalia

What a fun and learning day it was for us seeing the Hokule`a and touring her sister wa'a, the Hikianalia. The crew members told us they'd be traveling around the world. They would be sailing using the stars to guide them.  We colored pictures and wrote short messages on squares of fabric that will be sewn into a quilt. It will be given to the crew members to take with them on their voyage.

Touring the Hokule`a and Hikianalia on PhotoPeach

Hi Parents,

A few reminders for the week:
  • Tuesday, February 11th - Pali Safeway Walking Trip Consent Form and $3.00 for a snack (in a labeled ziploc bag, please) due
  • Wednesday, February 12th - Library Books due
  • Thursday, February 13th - Please bring in Valentine's Day Goodie bags (optional) to be distributed on Friday, February 14th 
  • Thursday, February 13th - Payment of $2.00 due for Spring Program headband and gloves
  • Friday, February 14th - 2nd Trimester ends
  • Wednesday, February 26th - myON Reader and Book Shares due
Until next week,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, January 31, 2014

Someone Special

We're learning about caring for others so we talked about a special person who cares for us!

Aloha Parents,

Swim classes with Ms. Whitney and Mr. Kimura will begin in early March and continue through the beginning of May. More information will be forthcoming soon.

A few tidbits for the upcoming week:
  • Wednesday, February 5th - Library book due.
  • Thursday, February 6th - Marine Education Training Center Learning Trip. Attire - Special 'K' t-shirt, shorts, sport shoes, and sunblock rub down (before school). Home lunches should be in Ziploc bags or disposable containers. Be in school by 8:15am.  We will leave the classroom at 8:20am. A substantial breakfast is recommended since there will be no morning snack.
  • Friday, February 7th - Teacher Inservice Day. No School.
  • Thursday, February 13th - Please bring in Valentine's Day goodie bags, if you wish to share.
Be joyful,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, January 24, 2014

"I have a dream..."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great person who taught us how to get along with each other no matter how different we are.

"I have a dream..." on PhotoPeach

Aloha kakou Parents,

Children love to explore the world around them. In particular they love to view plants and flowers because of the various fragrances, textures, and colors. The K-1 keiki learned about plants as they viewed educational videos, listened to and discussed literature, and engaged in fun activities.  They were especially fascinated when their Green Bean and Zinnia flower seeds were planted; and before you could blink, they were sprouts. 

Within a week or so, these little plants were outgrowing the plastic cups. Now that the students have taken their plants home, are they asking you to replant them?  Please let us know when the green bean grows and the Zinnia bloom! They were so excited about watching this new growth within a short time span.

Any old magazines with pictures of food (Better Homes and Gardens, Woman's Day, Gourmet, etc) would be greatly appreciated.  You can bring them in anytime soon.

Just a few reminders for the upcoming weeks:
  • Wednesday, January 29th - Library books due
  • Wednesday, January 29th - myON Reader and Book Share due
  • Thursday, February 6th - Marine Education Training Center Learning Trip to visit the Hokule`a and Hikianalia. Please remember to wear the 'K' t-shirt with shorts (or pants), sport shoes, sunblock rub down before school, and be in school by 8:15am. We will leave the classroom at 8:20am. A substantial breakfast is encouraged before the Learning Trip as there will be no morning snack.
  • Friday, February 7th - Teacher Inservice - No School
Mrs. Lee

Friday, January 17, 2014

Our 100th Day of School

Today was our 100th Day of School filled with so many activities!

Aloha Parents,

Our 100th Day of School was non-stop with fun-filled activities for the keiki and they loved every minute of it! Visit our classroom to view their cute work! It'll make you smile!

If anyone has old magazines, such as Family Circle, Better Homes and Garden, Gourmet, etc, could you kindly save them for us?  The students will need to cut out pictures of food for class activities in a few weeks. Mahalo!

Please remember the following red-letter dates:
  • Monday, January 20th - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. No School.
  • Wednesday, January 22nd - All Library books due
  • Wednesday, January 29th - myON Reader and Book Share due

Have a restful weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Plans for 2014

What do you plan to do in 2014? We have alot of ideas!

Aloha Parents,

Your kindness, wonderful cards, and gifts were greatly appreciated this holiday season. It was so nice to be remembered!  Mahalo to everyone who brought sparkling eyes, squeals of delight, and wide smiles from the keiki for all the generous goodie bags shared! They could barely contain themselves and wanted to eat all the goodies and/or play with the toys immediately. Arigato, xie xie, do je, kamsa hamnida, merci, and mahalo again to all!

The 100th Day of School will be celebrated on Friday, January 17th.  Your child should wear their 100th Day t-shirt creation to school.  The Kindergarten students will parade through the Preschool to Grade 5 classrooms showing off their decorated t-shirts. A 100 snack party and games will follow. We can't wait to see everyone's super tee adorned with sequins, puzzle pieces, flowers, ribbons, etc.!!

 Please note the following dates:
  • Wednesday, January 15th - Library Books due
  • Friday, January 17th - Please bring in a recycled bag for your child (If you haven't already)
  • Friday, January 17th - 100th Day of School!
  • Monday, January 18th - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. School closed. 
  • Wednesday, January 29th - myON Reader and Book Share due
May the New Year fill your days with all that is beautiful! Have a wonderful 2014!

Mrs. Lee