Friday, August 29, 2014

K-1 Activities

It was a busy week.  Some Kindergarten teachers from Japan spent time with us.  We had a nice time getting to know them even though we couldn't understand each other.

We listened to the story Leo the Late Bloomer and discussed the ways Leo "bloomed" in the story. It was exciting to see the things he could do after he bloomed.  After thinking of things we could do, we wrote and illustrated it on our flower petals.

Our 5 Senses Bear was the beginning of our unit on Senses.  It was fun to cut out all the circles and glue them together for the bear. The perfume on the cotton ball nose smelled so sweet too.

Aloha Parents,

The children have been raving about myON , the online library of books.  There is a great variety of books for them and they are in ebook heaven. Please continue encouraging your keiki to explore and enjoy the beautifully illustrated works and genres.

Students who are read to have a significant effect on reading and language development.  It also:
  • Prepares children for school and has a positive effect on academic success
  • Helps children see the connection between speech and the printed word
  • Aids in listening, comprehension, vocabulary, and thinking skills
  • Develops a good attitude toward reading and learning
  • Develops "book knowledge" or a familiarity with books, titles, authors, illustrators, plot, etc.
Students will be required to read a minimum of 5 books per month starting in September.  Remember, the sky is the help your child find a comfortable, pleasant environment and listen to the books together until s/he wishes to read alone.

These past few weeks were all about getting into the main core subjects.  The focus for them is as follows:
  • Literacy - Concept of Word, Rhyme Recognition, Word and Syllable Segmentation; Sharing Literature; Introduction to High Frequency Words: a, the, like; Free Write with an illustration
  • Math -Identify Spatial Relationship; Sort and Objects and Identify the Attribute of each Group; Concrete Graphs; Patterns
  • Social Studies - Friends and Family
  • Science - Our 5 Senses
I'm excited about teaching these students! I can't wait to see how much they learn and grow this year!!!

A few tidbits to remember:
  • Monday, September 1st - Labor Day, No school
  • Monday, September 8th - Buddhist Education begins
  • Wednesday, September 10th - Swim classes begin.  Please label all towels, swimwear, slippers, swimbags, and goggles (optional). They will need additional recyclable plastic bags for their wet suits and slippers.

Have a great weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A My Name is ...

We listened to the story A My Name is... and learned about the first letters in our names.  We also wrote about one thing we liked!

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Aloha Parents,
The students are more comfortable as they are accustomed to all the new routines and procedures.  Life is so much easier. They are even beginning to remind others what they should do when they forget.
When asked what they enjoyed about Kindergarten so far, responses included:
  • writing
  • napping
  • playing on the green space
  • Art, P.E., and Japanese classes
  • the craftivity Bright Vacations
  • cutting for art & crafts
  • everyone mentioned school was fun!

In Social Studies, we are focusing on Friends and Family. For a lesson next week, please have your child bring in a photo(s) of a special time or event they have shared with family and friends. They will show the photo and describe why the special time was important to their families and friends. Photos should be brought in by Wednesday, August 27th.
A few reminders:
  • Tuesday, August 26th - Library books are due.
  • Wednesday, August 27th - P.E. classes are scheduled for Wednesdays.  Please dress your child in the HMS t-shirt and shorts.
  • Wednesday, August 27th - Photo(s) of Friends and Family Celebrations due
  • Thursday, August 28th - Popcorn Social in the CafĂ©, 4:15-5:20.  PTO Meeting to follow.
  • Monday, September 1st - Labor Day. National Holiday.
A hui hou,
Mrs. Lee


Thursday, August 14, 2014

The First Week of School

The first week of school has been fun and very busy. We have been learning all our brand new routines. The IWB is so neat since we use a pen to move and write things. Other fun things we liked were listening to stories on the carpet, putting stickers on the 100 Day Chart, and getting a sticker to put on our smart cookie chart if we were good. Here is a look at other things we've been up to.

The First Week of School on PhotoPeach

Aloha Parents,

Mahalo for attending our Kindergarten Orientation on Monday, August 11th. I know that together we can work together and support your child's learning.

Thank you to Mrs. Hirata, Katelyn's mom who volunteered to be the K-1 Room Parent. It is truly appreciated.

A few items to remember:
  • Friday, August 15th - Statehood Day. School closed.
  • Monday, August 18th - Show and Tell begins.  Your child is welcome to bring one item to share. (The item should be able to fit in their backpack.) Students will be sharing round robin style with 4-5 students in each group. Please practice with your child so s/he'll have an idea what to tell their peers.
  • Monday, August 18th - Popcorn Social RSVP due. Meet the Kindergarten ohana on Thursday, August 28th and enjoy some yummy colored popcorn and bottled water.
  • Monday, August 18th - Please submit the "Tell Me About Your Child' form so I can  understand your child's needs better.
  • Tuesday, August 19th - Library class begins.
  • Monday September 8th - Buddhist Education begins with Reverend Yuika Hasebe as the instructor.
Have a fine weekend,
Mrs. Lee