Monday, September 29, 2014

Presentation of Learning Invite

Aloha Parents,

Here's an invite to our Presentation of Learning: Apples, Apples, Everywhere!

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Fire Prevention Week is from October 5-11, 2014.  A Fire Fighter's Safety Guide with important fire safety measures for your keiki and family to practice will be sent home.  Please complete the booklet to the best of your child's understanding. Your keiki should sign and return the Junior Fire Fighter's Pledge form located on the back of the workbook by Monday, October 13th.  S/he will be rewarded with coupons entitling them to freebies from local merchants.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Investigation

Our Apple Investigation was fantastic.  After looking at our apples very closely, we 
measured the weight and height of the apple.  Then, the apples were cut open and the insides were observed.  Next, the seeds were counted and an apple print was made. Finally we ate our apple!

We also experimented and discovered that apples float and apple seeds sink when placed in water.

Aloha everyone,

The students have been enjoying their new reading experiences with myON and loving it.  I am pleasantly surprised at the number of books the class, in general, has read. They are reminded that it is so important to read because it enriches their lives and takes them to all kinds of 'places'.  It is like flying to great heights in pursuit of knowledge. So encourage them to go online and read as much as they can. 

Beginning in October, Book Shares will begin and myOn reading assignments will continue. Pizza Hut reading incentive coupons entitling them for a complimentary personal pan pizza will be distributed at the end of the month.

A few reminders for the coming weeks:
  • Monday, September 29th - myON reading requirement of 5 books read should be completed
  • Tuesday, September 30th - Library books due
  • Tuesday, September 30th - Safeway Market Tour Learning Trip, 11:35-1:00.  Attire - Grey HMS t-shirt and sport shoes.
  • Thursday, October 9th - Discovery Center Learning Trip.  Attire - Grey HMS t-shirt and sport shoes. 
  • Monday, October 13th - Flu Vaccine Consent forms due.  Please advise if your child will not be receiving the vaccine or nasal spray. 
  • Wednesday, October 29th - Book Shares and myON reading assignment should be completed
Have a fun weekend,
Mrs. Lee

Thursday, September 18, 2014

International Dot Day 2014

International Dot Day 2014 was celebrated  by millions of people around the world.  We joined them as we created our dot pictures.

Aloha Parents,

The only way to improve at reading is to do it often. With the help of the BOOK IT! Program, sponsored by Pizza Hut,  K-1 students will be "reading their hearts out". This program runs from October 1, 2014 - March 31, 2015. The keiki will have the opportunity to earn a Reading Award Certificate by reading the minimum of 5 books through myON and share a book with the class.

Each child will present one oral Book Share per monthly to their classmates.  Modeling will be done in class so they can observe strategies such as maintaining eye contact, good posture, and projecting their voice. For some students, sharing a book is not an easy task.  However, if their presentation is practiced at home, they will feel prepared and comfortable. This will be an exciting and useful experience for everyone as it is a fun way to build confidence and allows them to express their own opinions.

Oral Book Shares should include:
  1. Bring the book to show 
  2. Read the title and the name of the author and illustrator
  3. Share one illustration from the book and explain why they liked it
At the end of the month, the Reading Award Certificates will be distributed.  It can be redeemed at Pizza Hut where your child will receive their own free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza to celebrate their reading and Book Share accomplishment.  There is no purchase necessary and the pizza can be taken to go.  On the first visit, they will receive an official BOOK IT! Passport to Reading and sticker to track their reading progress.  On subsequent visits, they will get another free Personal Pan Pizza and sticker to add to their passport.

Please contact me via email or a note at least one day before your child plans to share her/his book with the class.  Mahalo!

Everyone in K-1 will be going crazy over apples in the coming weeks.  They will be graphing, tasting, measuring, as well as other activities about America's favorite fruit. One of our class graphs and a little apple craftivity will show their favorite type of apple - Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, or Granny Smith.  All students are asked to bring in one of their personal favorite type of apple by Wednesday, September 24th for  this connection to apples.

  • Monday, September 22nd -Pali Safeway Tour Consent Form and payment due
  • Tuesday, September 23nd - Library books due
  • Wednesday, September 24th - Your child's favorite type of apple due
  • Wednesday, September 24th - Discovery Center Consent Form and payment due
  • Wednesday, September 24th - Swimming continues
  • Tuesday, September 30th - Pali Safeway Tour
Warm regards,
Mrs. Lee

Friday, September 12, 2014

Our First Swim Class

Swim class was the best!  The water felt so cool! Putting our heads underwater and blowing bubbles was fun! Our favorite was kicking with our legs and swimming across the pool.  It would be wonderful if we could swim all the time!

Our First Swim Class - Video Maker

Aloha Parents,

Thank you to the parents who have purchased additional Elmer's glue and had their child bring it to school.  If you haven't sent the glue in yet, please do so, as the keiki work on many craft projects.

All the children absolutely love myON.  Please continue to stimulate their interest by reading to and with your child at least 15-20 minutes daily.  The goal is for each student to have a strong foundation in language and literacy-related skills and a desire to learn to read. 

Friendly reminders:
  • Monday, September 15th - International Dot Day. Please dress your child in clothing that has dots, spots, and/or polka dots.
  • Monday, September 15th - Payment for pictures due
  • Tuesday, September 16th - Picture Day 
  • Tuesday, September 16th - Library books due
  • Wednesday, September 17th - Peace Day Service at 9:00am in the Temple.  Please dress your child appropriately for this occasion. Boys - collared t-shirt/aloha shirt and shorts. Girls - dresses or pants outfits, no shorts please. Everyone will change into their swim wear upon returning from the Temple Service.
  • Monday, September 22nd - Safeway Parental Consent Form and $2 payment due
Mrs. Lee

"Children learn by doing, and play is their work" Unknown