Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Skype Experience

Early this morning our class Skyped  with a Kindergarten class all the way from South Hampton, Massachusetts. With Skype, we  could really see the students and talk to them using the computer. It was so exciting.  Reise showed them what a musubi looked like since they didn't know what it was. They had never eaten Spam too.  We sang them the song 'Leis' and they liked it.  We learned some things about them. Right now, the leaves are turning red, yellow, and orange colors.  Very soon the weather will be very cold  and even snowy.  They like to eat pizza and most of them bring home lunch.  They live in a rural area so there aren't  tall building or many cars.
We hope to Skype with them again really soon.

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  1. Hello Ms Lee and your terrific kindergarten children. We had a wonderful visit with all of you. We will be taking a better look at Spam musubi and maybe even try some. I asked one of our grade 6 teachers about musubi and he explained it to me. His daughters eat that when they visit Hawaii. He also said he knew just where your school is because he has been there for a Bone Dance or Festival. I haven't had a chance to talk with the children much about our Skype call because they were going out the door to go home right after we spoke. So mahalo to everyone for sharing Hawaii with us.