Wednesday, October 13, 2010

K-1 Happy Talk

Hi Parents,
The days have just been whizzing by.  Before we know it, Christmas will soon be  here. All the children have been busy having fun and learning through group and individual hands-on projects, etc.

We started a 'Weather and Seasons' Science Unit.  The children started to explore the  types of weather, such as: windy, rainy, snowy, and sunny.  We had discussions about activities that they would do and clothing they would need to wear for each kind of weather.  They shared their wish for snow on Oahu, but alas, the only islands that would experience the white stuff are the Big Island or Maui.  The art activity today was to create a scene they'd enjoy when it was a sunny day.  The results were fabulous.

The students will begin counting, recognizing and  writing numbers 10-30.  Counting forward and backward on a number line is another learning concept that must be mastered and applied to real-life situations. You could ask your child to count or write the number of cars, people, toys, etc.  to practice  the skill of counting.

 I know many of you might be concerned since there isn't any blue Japanese folder in their Homework Folder. But..... there will no Japanese homework this weekend, October 14-17.

Shohtaro returned to Japan until mid November. We hope him well while he attends an International School  in Tokyo.


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