Saturday, March 12, 2011

High Flying Fun

Our Spring Higan Service will be held on Monday, March 14th. It is a memorial service  held for our ancestors  during the week of 'Higan' in March and September. The purpose of the Higan  which means 'other shore'  is a goal of all Buddhists. We practice the Buddha's teaching in order to cross the river from this shore of illusions to the other shore of enlightenment by practicing the six paramitas. Please dress your child appropriately for the Temple Service.

Our walking field trip to Kuakini Hale Pulama Mau, visiting older adults, will be on Friday, March 18th.  They will need to wear their HMS t-shirts and sport shoes.

The keiki are continuing the addition concept. They've enjoyed adding with dominoes, coins, and working on  the IWB to reinforce this concept. You can also enrich their skills  everyday by:
  • playing games that involve numbers
  • adding items in different groups 
  • making math connections  when you are at home, in the sun or on the run
Understand the concepts of addition and capable of communicating how to add in order to use math in school and on the job are essential skills.

Cody has shared his day with Keikiokekai on the Teddy Bear blog.  Click here to view his post.

The massive earthquake and ferocious tsunamai that hit Japan on Thursday was a tragedy that we are all sad to hear about. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the people of Japan  who we share a bond and friendship with.

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