Friday, April 15, 2011

Great Things Happening

On Tuesday we connected with our Skype pals in Massachusetts.  Mrs. Poulin's students are such an attentive group and so articulate.  They taught our  class the 'Chicken Dance' and everyone had so much fun !!! Our Mainland friends shared what they enjoyed in school.  Responses included: writing books, arts and crafts, and of course their teacher, Mrs. Poulin. Our K-1 students exchanged with their favorite part of school. I suppose since we enjoy warm weather year round, a few students insisted recess was the best part of the day.  Math activities and free write were also included as fun and exciting. Mimi sang  'Shitakiri Suzume'  (The Old Lady and the Sparrow) and the class sang a Hawaiian number 'E Ku`u Keiki (The Alphabet Song). Plans are to Skype once more before school ends in late May.

Many messages regarding how we can continue to make planet Earth a beautiful place has been posted on the Pindax message board. (Please refer to the Blog entry dated April 12th)  If you or your child wish to post additional notes, we would continue sharing and learning together.

If there are any HMS Library books on your bookshelves at home, kindly return them.  Mrs. Okamura is on the lookout for missing books. The Library will be closing in a few weeks.

Everyone enjoys our Monday swimming classes.  To conclude the 9 weeks swimming portion of P.E., a 'Swimming Showoff' has been scheduled for Monday, May 2nd from 10:10-10:40.  You are invited to watch from the sidelines and take advantage of these Kodak moments.

Karli and Keikiokekai has added a post to the Teddy Bear blog.  Click here to view her pictures and comments.

Easter is around the corner so the keiki used Voicethread to share their stories.

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