Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jennie's Hat

Jennie's Hat  by Ezra Jack Keats is about  a little girl named Jennie, whose favorite aunt was sending her a hat. Jennie was sure it would be beautiful with big colorful flowers.When the box arrives, the hat is very plain. However, she receives a surprise from some special  bird friends who decorate it for her.
After listening to the fanciful story, the children had the opportunity to decorate a dream hat of their own. Everyone was so excited to show off their hats!!

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The children continued to listen to other books written by Ezra Jack Keats including: Whistle for Willie, Apt. 3, Hi Cat, and Peter's Chair.   They could compare themselves to the main characters and their problems as they face these challenges in their everyday life too.

Math topics covered this week through games include Addition and Subtraction, Place Value to 100, and Greater and Less Than. Reinforcing these Math concepts in real life situations can be entertaining and please continue the good job you've all been doing with  your keiki!

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