Friday, September 14, 2012

How Many Oreos Can We Stack?

Our 7th grade buddies joined us for an Oreo Stacking activity. The object was to stack as many Oreos as possible before they fell!! It was so much fun. We learned that we could stack just as many Oreos as our buddies could.  The person with the highest number of Oreos was from our the video to find out who it was!

A note from Mrs. Lee:

To promote global awareness, the students will be creating cross cultural exchanges using technology and in some cases through snail mail. In addition, lessons will be developed about these national and international cultures. This will help our keiki to have a different perspective about others.
The following is planned:
  1. Through United Classrooms Project, K-1 will connect with a school in Australia.  We will collaborate to complete a series of tasks. Additional information will follow.
  2. An exchange of videos, photos, student work, and e-letters will be a uniquely powerful experience with a class from Terrain Academy in Kenya.  The students at this school are between 7-8 years old, but their English language skills are comparable to our students.
  3. Skyping with Mrs. Gail Poulin and her Kindergarten class from Southampton, Massachusetts.  My previous K-1 classes have Skyped with her classes for the last 2 years. Mrs. Poulin and I exchange student generated questions prepared in advance before our Skype sessions. Our conversations are normally 20 minutes long and begin by 8:30am due to the time difference.
  4. Epals with a preschool class in Mount Vernon, Washington.
  5. Additional connections through Skype or epals to be determined as the year progresses.
It is the ideas that each person achieves humanity by connecting to other humans.  To deprive others is to deprive ourselves.

Dates to remember:
  • Monday, September 17 - Library Books due
  • Tuesday, September 18 - Peace Day Service in the Temple.  Please dress your child appropriately for this occasion.  Boys could wear collared shirts and long pants.  Girls could wear dresses, tops with skirts or long pants.
  • Friday, September 21 - Ice Cream Social in the Cafe from 5-6:30pm
Hope to see you at the Ho`olaulea in Waikiki on Saturday evening,
Mrs. Lee

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