Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer's Here

Summer School is in full swing.  Each day this week, your keiki listened to a different picture book written by Ezra Jack Keats.  Following the story, class discussion focused on the problem that the main character faced and the related solution that the character chose.  After each read-aloud and discussion, the keiki compared the different stories and plots using a graphic organizer on the IWB. As a  daily culminating activity, the students wrote their own problem-solving story and included an illustration.

This week's focus in Math was on patterns, addition, and subtraction. Numerous games were played which were great for review, practice, and enrichment.

Summer is a wonderful time to continue to encourage your child to read because:
1.  It improves their vocabulary.
2.  Reading saves energy. Isn't it better than watching television or playing video games?
3.  Reading helps with the skill of visualizing!
4.  They will learn interesting, and useful information for an assignment or for fun.
5.  Reading helps them to write better!
6.  Reading provides characters as role models and teaches them about social situations.
7.  It sets an example for other students so they'll read too.

Please remember:
  • Swim Classes are scheduled on Mondays.
  • Snacks and a water bottle should be brought daily as the keiki become hungry and thirsty.

Mrs. Lee

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