Friday, August 30, 2013

What is It?

Seven Blind Mice  is story about six blind mice who touch one part of 'Something' by the pond.  Each one has their opinion about what it is.  Then, the seventh blind mouse explores the entire 'Something' and sees the whole truth.

We had an activity to learn how to 'see' the whole truth, too.  Can you guess what our 'Something' is without seeing the entire picture?

Aloha Parents,

The children have been really excited about myON reading program, which is wonderful.  Reading has such a positive effect on academic success!  It helps the keiki see the connection between speech and the printed word, as well as aids in listening, comprehension, vocabulary, and thinking skills. We know that the children need to develop a good attitude toward  reading and learning. 

Beginning in September, one of the monthly assignments will be to read a minimum of 5 myON books.  Most of the K-1 students have already read a wealth of books on various topics.  Please continue to encourage them to read, read, read!

Dates to remember:
  • Monday, September 2th - Labor Day, Federal Holiday
  • Friday, September 6th - Flu Vaccine and Spray Forms due
  • Monday, September 9th - Picture Taking Day
FYI....K-1's classroom has a new phone number  #380-4907.  You may contact me via phone or through email as needed.

Enjoy the weekend!
Mrs. Lee

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