Friday, June 6, 2014

We are Happy Campers

Summer School is alot of fun!  We started the week with a camping theme.  Of course, all these activites were in our classroom.  Hopefully, we'll get the chance to go camping outdoors with our families.

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Aloha Parents,

All the keiki are off to a fun-filled summer filled with all sorts of academic adventures.   They set up their tents, started their campfires, and got their flashlights ready. Some activities they worked on thus far included: Writing Campfire Tales, Compare and Contrast (cabin/tent) Venn Diagram, Spin and Graph (items used at camps),  ABC Order (camping words), and Star Gazing (reading and recording camping words).  They've been enthusiastc about following the camping theme unit so far, and are excited that it will continue for a few more weeks.

myON Reader, the online reading program is still available for your child.  Encouraging them to read will not only improve their vocabulary, but  they'll learn interesting and useful information, help them to write better, and develop their imagination skills.

All young students have small stomachs.  After 3-4 hours without food, their stomachs are empty and their blood glucose levels are reduced.  Healthy snacks at first recess helps to keep their blood sugar levels even and prevents them from getting so hungry that they can't focus on the second half of the summer school class. Please pack a small, nutritious snack for them daily.

Most students purchase snacks from the Snack Bar in the afternoon.  Please be sure to write their name and room number on their plastic bag or wallet.  This will be most helpful to  Mr. Jason Noh, the K-1 Group Leader, and his assistant.

Malama pono,
Mrs. Lee

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