Thursday, June 25, 2015

We're Not Alone at Camp

Learning about owls, frogs, and bears were the highlight this week. We might have a slim chance seeing a Barn Owl around sugar cane fields, but we could see frogs in ponds.

Forest Animals on PhotoPeach

Aloha Parents,

The keiki have been  learning some interesting facts about wild animals and other things associated with camping.

  • They listened to books about bears, including Bear Snores On, which is about a bear who suddenly wakes up  to discover a host of different animals and birds in his cave. The students created a fun little bear craft and wrote how they feel when they wake up.
  • Non-fiction books about owls served as reference information when the keiki cut and glued cute owls and wrote facts underneath the little 'chest fluff' on their bellies.
  • They connected this activity to a math craftivity.  After drawing a camping scene, they used paint on their fingers to place owls in their picture. The keiki then wrote two fractions about the owls that were in the different parts of their scene.  A paper bag owl was also added to their 'Owltraction' craft.
  • Frog and Toad are Friends, a story about friendship,  was shared. After creating a bright green hand-print toad, a text to self connection was made about how they can be a friend to someone else. Text to self connections occur when a book that you are reading reminds you of something from your own life. Their thoughts were written on the toad's stomach.
  • Fractions using jumbo and mini marshmallows and graphing of favorite camping food were also incorporated in this week's activities.

Positive feedback regarding MyON  has been shared by the students.  Continue to encourage your child to read as it is so important! Reading is also necessary for them, as well as for everyone, because it:
  • develops the mind
  • helps them to discover new things
  • develops the imagination
  • improves spelling
  • helps to expand their vocabulary
  • are the building blocks of life
The next MyON reading assignment  is to read a minimum of 10 books by Wednesday, July 15th.

Dates to remember:
  • Monday, June 29th - Progress Reports will be emailed to you
  • Wednesday, July15th -  myON reading assignment due ( minimum of 10 books)

Warmest regards,
Mrs. Lee

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