Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun With Paint

Why do children draw and paint? There are several reasons why art (drawing and painting) is encouraged.  Some students find a hidden ability and begin to develop this talent. They need the opportunity to stimulate their imagination and they enjoy creating. It also helps to develop his/her self -esteem and confidence.  When a child says "Look what I did!" don't you  know your child feels like s/he really accomplished something?

Kindergarteners love painting.  When it was first  announced  the other day that they would be painting, the  keiki thought they'd be finger painting. But they were just as happy when they saw the baskets with containers of paint brought out from the cabinet. As they carefully spread out the newspaper on the desks, put on their aprons, and received their piece of paper,  all eyes danced with excitement.

View what your child and his/her classmates created. Each individual  painting showed personal expression and were special. Don't you agree?

Tidbits for the upcoming week:
  • In Social Studies, Celebrations will be  discussed. Please have you child bring in 1 or 2 photos of special times or events shared with family and friends by Thursday, August 25th.  They will be describing the importance of the celebration as well as comparing these special times with their peers.
  • P.E. resource class is on Tuesdays.  HMS t-shirts and shorts should be worn.
  • Library books can be returned to me after they are read at home.
  • Environmental print and interesting newspaper photos can be brought in anytime.
  • Thank you  for sending in the clipboards with your child.

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