Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adventures in Reading

K-1 was so enthused to partner with their new buddies from  Mrs. Victoria Conley's  3-13 class.  Plans for the initial meeting were to have the older students read one-on-one to the little pals which would also improve the 3rd graders' reading skills. The idea worked very well.  One glance around the K-1 classroom revealed a friendly interaction, focus, and fun.  The Kindergartners thrive on the individual instruction.  The academic exercise will also help the Third Grade students develop leadership skills.

Other buddy activities will continue throughout the school year, i.e. Pumpkin Seed Counting, Oreo Stacking, Kuakini Medical Center tour, etc.  and shared on the blog.  Stay tuned!

Comments from the Kindergartners regarding this activity included:
  • I felt good because I liked being with them.
  • I hope we have more activities with our buddies.
  • It was fun because I like to have a new friend.
  • I enjoyed having an older buddy.
  • It was fun because they read a story to me.
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  • Monday, August 29th - HTY Parent Consent form and payment due.
  • Monday, August 29th -  Japanese homework folder due
  • Tuesday, August 30th - P.E.
  • Tuesday, August 30th -  First PTO meeting/Open House, 5:00p.m., Social Hall.  K-1 class will be open for you to meet other parents,  tour the room, watch a DVD of K-1 in action, and observe students on the IWB (Interactive Whiteboard).


  1. Hi K-1,
    So how does it feel to have a buddy? I think I would like it. In fact, I think Mrs. Lee is my buddy! Do you have a favorite story? My favorite story is Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens:)
    Have a great long weekend!
    Mrs. Jacobs

  2. So, the third-grade students were helping the kindergarten students....and the kindergarten students were helping the third-grade students, too! I would like to come visit the next time!