Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Skyping with friends from Massachusetts

On Tuesday, we Skyped with Mrs. Poulin and her Kindergarten class from Southampton, Massachusetts.  Their live so far away from us!  We also saw their school, William E. Norris Elementary School on Google maps. There are lots of trees all around their school.
They talked about:
A pumpkin patch they visited that day.  They could pick a pumpkin no bigger than their head. Two boys showed us their prize pumpkin. 
Leaves on the trees were turning colors of red, orange, and yellow.
They sang a song about apples way up high really nicely.

We also had a chance to share:
Pictures we drew from some of our class books
A song 'Eia Makou' (Here We Are)

Both classes had fun sharing what we would be dressed as for Halloween.  The costumes  were similar to ours.

They have a pet hamster in their class and named it 'Aloha'.   Pictures of their hamster was on their blog. What a nice name for a cute hamster!

It is fun to Skype with another Kindergarten class and hear about their lives.  We can compare  how we are alike and different.

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  1. Wow K-1 it's amazing to Skype with another school. They have a pet hamster named Aloha? That's awesome! Hope to read more about your skyping.