Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reminders for Parents

Aloha Parents,
Elon and his family brought in a special present for the class this week... a caterpillar and a chrysalis. The children were thrilled witnessing the job of the caterpillar which is to eat and eat. It grew quite long. When the caterpillar was full grown, and stopped eating, it became a pupa, also called a chrysalis.
The chrysalis that was brought in changed from green to a black color. Big changes were happening inside the silk cocoon. The legs, wings, eyes and other adult butterfly parts were developing. Slowly the butterfly emerged while some keiki were present. A few hours later, the butterfly was released to fly away.  Mahalo to Elon and his family for sharing this priceless experience with everyone!

Project Earth Day
To celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day in April, several classrooms around the United States and the world decided to create a monster or sculpture using recycled materials.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the K-1 keiki to collaborate and  participate in this global project. Therefore, each student is asked to bring one item that is recyclable, i.e. newspaper, plastic milk container, empty soda can, etc. After our class has completed their creation, a picture will be sent to the host school, Hartland  North Elementary located in Hartland, Wisconsin.  Please have your child bring in their recycled item (and please be creative) by Thursday, March 15th.

Tidbits to remember:

  • Friday, March 9th - Dole Plantation field trip postponed due to the storms and heavy rains.
  • Monday, March 12th - Please complete Mathletic assigned activities.
  • Tuesday, March 13th - Spring pictures. It's a great way for you to mark the passage of time and see how your child has grown in one school year. Pictures will be taken before Swim class.
  • Wednesday, March 14th - Spring Higan Temple Service.  Please dress your child appropriately.
  • Thursday, March15th - The Lorax movie field trip
  • Thursday, March 15th - Recycled item due
  • Monday, March 19th-23rd - Spring Break
  • Monday, March 26th - Prince Kuhio  Day 
Warmest Regards,
Mrs. Lee

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