Friday, June 15, 2012

Learning Through Practice

This week we continued listening and discussing stories written by Ezra Jack Keats. Did you know he  wrote many children's books?  One of our favorites from his collection was Whistle for Willie.
In this story, Peter wishes he could whistle.  He tries and tries but nothing happens.  Finally it happens, he learns to whistle and his dog Willie, comes running to him.

Now, it was our time to share about something we learned to to do, but only after much practicing. After tearing pieces of construction paper to create a picture, we wrote about our experience in doing something difficult and talked about it in this video.

PT wanted to share her experience afterwards since she was camera shy.
"I had a hard time ice skating but my mom helped me at Ice Palace.  At first I used a walker, then I stopped using it.  I skated a little with my mom.  Later I was able to ice skate all alone!"

Besides working hard on literacy, we focused on our Math skills.   We learned about place value of numbers, as well as comparing them.  Some activities we played to help us learn these lessons were, Place Value Lotto, Bean Bag Toss, and Spin Off.  All the games were fun, especially  Spin Off. Each partner used the spinner to create a 3 digit number.The partners compared their numbers and the one with the larger number won a point. 

A note from Mrs. Lee:

Why is reading important? One reason is because it develops the imagination.  With reading, a person can travel anywhere in or out of the world. They can be a Prince, Princess, astronaut...the possibilities are endless .Reading requires thinking so continue to encourage your children to read, read, and read! 

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