Friday, August 31, 2012

All Alike, All Different

It is fun to see how we are all alike and different at the same time.

A note to the Parents:

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns....that has been the concept in Math this week.  Besides creating patterns using their bodies or manipulatives, the keiki copied, extended, and transferred patterns. They watched a short video called The Princess and the Pea.

The story begins when a young woman, drenched with rain, seeks shelter in a prince's castle for the night. She claims to be a princess, so the prince's mother decides to test her by placing a pea under many mattresses. After a sleepless night, she tells her host something hard was in her bed. Only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel to a pea.

K-1 students were thrilled since they had the opportunity to paint their own patterns on the mattresses for the princess.  Check out our The Princess and the Pea bulletin board display! While you're out and about with your child, maybe they could identify a pattern for you. Patterns are everywhere!

Mahalo to Dr. Yagi (Sophie's mom) and Mrs. Nakama, (Tori's mom) who volunteered to be our Room Parents. I am sure we can be excited about some fantastic events the Room Parents are planning for the school.

Thanks to everyone's contribution to the HMS PTO Fundraiser. Your donation will help provide additional resources for our children.

  • Tuesday, September 4 - Library books due.
  • Wednesday, September 5 -  Five Chinese Brothers,  an HTY production at Tenney Theatre.
  • Thursday, September 6 - Discovery Center field trip consent form and payment due
  • Friday, September 7 - Flu forms due
  • Friday, September 7 - RSVP for Grandparents' Day celebration due

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  1. Aloha Mrs, Lee and our keiki friends!
    We haven't started back to school yet. Can you believe that? We will start our kindergarten class on Thursday, Sept. 6th. I hope that we can talk with each other on Skype this year. You are doing a wonderful job already! I loved looking at your "Alike and Different" pictures. Have fun in school!