Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Investigation

Our Apple Investigation was fantastic.  After looking at our apples very closely, we 
measured the weight and height of the apple.  Then, the apples were cut open and the insides were observed.  Next, the seeds were counted and an apple print was made. Finally we ate our apple!

We also experimented and discovered that apples float and apple seeds sink when placed in water.

Aloha everyone,

The students have been enjoying their new reading experiences with myON and loving it.  I am pleasantly surprised at the number of books the class, in general, has read. They are reminded that it is so important to read because it enriches their lives and takes them to all kinds of 'places'.  It is like flying to great heights in pursuit of knowledge. So encourage them to go online and read as much as they can. 

Beginning in October, Book Shares will begin and myOn reading assignments will continue. Pizza Hut reading incentive coupons entitling them for a complimentary personal pan pizza will be distributed at the end of the month.

A few reminders for the coming weeks:
  • Monday, September 29th - myON reading requirement of 5 books read should be completed
  • Tuesday, September 30th - Library books due
  • Tuesday, September 30th - Safeway Market Tour Learning Trip, 11:35-1:00.  Attire - Grey HMS t-shirt and sport shoes.
  • Thursday, October 9th - Discovery Center Learning Trip.  Attire - Grey HMS t-shirt and sport shoes. 
  • Monday, October 13th - Flu Vaccine Consent forms due.  Please advise if your child will not be receiving the vaccine or nasal spray. 
  • Wednesday, October 29th - Book Shares and myON reading assignment should be completed
Have a fun weekend,
Mrs. Lee

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