Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stacking Oreo Cookies

On Monday, we stacked Oreo cookies with grades 1-10 and 3-13. We all counted the number of Oreos as they were stacked.  This is what we thought about the activity:
JK - It was fun because we got to stack them.
JI - We got to make them as high as we could.
AU - I liked to stack them.
ML - I got a  headache because the counting was too loud.
TH - I got to stack them and it fell.  We got to restack them.
EK - I liked it because I loved stacking them.
MM - We got to eat them.
SM - I liked to stack them and make them tall.
DSB - We got to eat the Oreos after we were done.
DB - We got to stack, count, and stack them again.  We got to eat them.
RY - I saw it tipping.
KL - I wish I was at school  I was sick.

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