Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Is It?

Dr. Riley, our Head of School, visited and surprised us by teaching our class today.  She read us Seven Blind Mice, by Ed Young. This book was about seven blind mice who found something strange by their pond.  They tried to guess what this 'thing' was.  The seventh blind mouse 'saw' the whole picture and realized it was an elephant.

Our job was to trick our friends by showing them only a shape glued on our paper.  Then inside of our  folded paper, we showed them the shape within our 'whole' picture.  Dr. Riley was so much fun.  Hopefully she'll return and teach us again.

Please remember:
Monday, Septembr 12th - Flu Consent Forms due.
Wednesday, September 14th - HTY play at Tenney Theater. Mahalo to chaperones Ms. Kanayama and Mrs. Umetsu. HMS t-shirt should be worn.
Thursday, September 15th - Picture Taking Day.  All  payments for pictures should be submitted by September 15th.


  1. Dear K-1
    How exciting to have a special visit from Dr Riley your Head of School. Seven Blind Mice sounds like a great story. Its fun to read a story about tricking. Do you know the rhyme about the Three Blind Mice? Do you have a favorite nursery rhyme?
    Your shape pictures had clever ideas. Some of them tricked us. We liked the way you spoke up clearly in your movie. Great work K-1.
    From Room 3 and Mrs Nelson
    Craigburn Primary
    South Australia

  2. Dear Rm 3 and Mrs. Nelson,
    We are glad you like our puzzling parts. Yes we know the rhyme three blind mice. Our favorite nursery rhyme is itsy bitsy spider. Mahalo and Aloha!
    From K-1 and Mrs.Lee

  3. Dear K-1,
    You had such an exciting day! I love your "What is it?" I wonder what you would do if Mrs. Lee gave you a number shape and asked you to make something?
    See you soon,
    Mrs. Jacobs