Sunday, January 22, 2012

Connecting through Skype

Skyping with other students in the mainland helps us to meet boys and girls our age and discover how our lives are similar and different.
Last week our class connected with a Kindergarten class from Hartland, Wisconsin. We took turns  exchanging information about our schools.  For instance,  the name of their school was Hartland North Elementary.  Their teacher was Mrs. Atilano and there were 10 boys and 8 girls in their class.  Special classes included art, gym, music,  and library.
They have quite a bit of snow and wind right now.  In fact, it  was 4 degrees outside and because of the wind, it was even colder.  They could only have indoor recess. We wondered what would happen if we had snow in Honolulu!
They shared a January song with us  and sang very nicely. We sang 'Each of Us is a Flower' with hand motions.
It is exciting to Skype as we learn about  great things that others are learning about  and we don't even need to leave our classroom.  

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