Friday, May 18, 2012


Aloha Parents,

This Kindergarten school year has gone by quickly, but we aren't finished yet.  All the keiki are excited and speak frequently about attending first grade. 

A collection of  writing samples were sent home on Friday.  The children would love to share a giggle or two as you read them together. They will also be bringing home their clipboards, aprons, watercolors, etc, on Monday. You might consider keeping some of the items as they could be recycled and used in 1st grade.

Additional important items:
  •  Monday, May 21st -Time is running out so please return any Library books.
  • Tuesday, May 22nd - P.E. class in the gym.  A water bottle is essential.
  • Tuesday, May 22nd - If you wish to share end of the year goodie bags kindly bring them in by next Tuesday. 
  • Wednesday, May 23rd - Stories at Sunrise, a collection of skits by the Kindergarten classes in the Dojo, beginning at 10:00am. Your child may come to school in the attire worn for the skit. Ms. Kanayama, Mrs. Kina, and Mrs. Christian has volunteered to help with costuming prior to the performance.

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